7 Pieces of Advice To The Teenagers

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You should limit your daily screen time and try to spend some time with yourself.

5. You are allowed to say ‘NO’:

Along with everything, the pressure on young teenagers is also increasing day-by-day. This includes academic pressure from parents, teachers, and constant comparison between friends. As you grow up you’ll feel more peer pressure rubbing against you.

You should know that it’s not important to say yes to everything. You can say ‘NO’ if you want to. It’s your life, your brain, and if you can’t take orders from anyone just say it.
Maybe your problems would find a solution just after you do that.
If any of your friends force you to drink or take drugs, you can say no.
Though taking drugs is an offense, you should report them to the police other than listening to them in fear of getting bullied at school.

6. Try to have fun:

Be confident, responsible, and reserved but don’t forget to have fun, says Forrest Tally Ph.D. Try to enjoy every moment and cherish its beauty. Often, children of this age forget to find the good amidst the busy schedule they are packed in. Be focused on things that make you happy, and not on unnecessary things which eat your time and make you exhausted. Other than thinking about how the water is, or how the boat is, try to enjoy the ride instead.

7. Seek help, when you can’t take it anymore:

With the increasing rate of deaths every year, it has come to notice the teen’s struggles. I can understand something very pathetic has happened to your life, but ending up your life isn’t the solution, is it?
Our mind has a specific limit to withstand stresses and anxiety, but dying can’t be a refuge.
Accept your failures. It is not mandatory to win every race of your life. We fail, things don’t work the way we thought it to be.
I, myself have failed so many times, but look, here I am, asking you to not let yourself down.
Ask for help. There are ways to improve your mental health as well as therapists who could end your misery. So don’t give up on yourself so easily.

With aging, your views on matters will change. The struggles that you’ll have to cope with, will make you stronger and effortless in decision-making skills.
Today, when you are small and not so grown-up, you might end up arguing with your elders in different viewpoints.

We would rather urge you to listen to what these other people might be asking you to do. Listen to your elders, because they’ll always know what’s best for you, even much more than you do.
The teenage years are some of the most physically and emotionally stressful times of your life, and too many disturbances will encompass you all the time.

You are not alone in this. People of your age mostly think this way.
Try reducing tensions and worries because this is the best time to enjoy one’s life.
Listen to your parents and work accordingly.
Let go of the worries and start living a happy and cheerful life.

Written by Alecia Bennett

I hold a master's degree with a clinical psychology specialization. Currently pursuing school counseling courses. I have attended various programs related to mental health issues. A person who takes a keen interest in writing anything about the human mind and behavior.

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