10 Twisted Halloween Party Themes For Adults And Kids

Halloween is the most awaited and fun part of the festive season. Some of the greatest Halloweens are not successful without a well executed Halloween party ending the night. Hosting a Halloween party can be a daunting task for many, and you can just be one out of those “many”. Starting from the eerie adult Halloween soiree to the children-friendly cool Halloween bash, in case you find yourself hopelessly searching for ideas, here we are at your rescue. These are some innovative and out-of-the-box ideas which you can surely implement while hosting a Halloween party at your place for the much-awaited and eagerly coveted night of Halloween.

A Halloween party that bags lots of compliments with ease for your family, friends, and kids starts with this list.

Ideas for adults:

1. Murder mystery

Nothing screams Halloween more than a good old murder mystery-themed dinner party, and chances are, your guests will love every bit of it! You could also host/play interesting games that essentially cover a whodunit spree, and this pretty much ensures that everyone present in the party will have fun to the utmost extent and dull moments will never arise!

You could also name your party “Murder on the(host street name)street”!

2. Prom night with a twist

Think about it, when everybody gets to attend the party at their very best prom attire from twenty years back, it would certainly bring back the memories of old days. A lot of nostalgia is evoked among them, only when you think it just cannot get any better- but oh wait! It can.

When you incorporate the twist no one ever thought of- it is quite essentially zombie prom, you feel like you are on cloud nine, because who would not love to dress up in their best prom suits and complement the outfit brilliantly with a drop of blood dripping down their lips maybe? Or a deep wound mark on the waist of that short checked dress? It just all seems to come out perfectly. The ambiance for all this could not be more perfect than a night of Halloween party. 


3. Black and white 

A Halloween Party with a black and white theme seems to be one that takes you back to the basics. Also, imagine yourself and the others in an attire somewhat similar in appearance to Charlie Chaplin, and with black lipstick beautifully complementing your overly whitened face.

Also, going retro gives back a feeling of nostalgia and gives off vintage vibes that are so hard to come by these days with the present generation of crop tops and narrow-waisted jeans that are considered to be trendy these days.

Vintage is classy, vintage is sophisticated and vintage is evergreen enough to adorn and relive whenever you want to. So, don’t be scared to go back to the good old days and carry off vintage like a pro in this coming Halloween! Yeah, sounds like a plan good enough. 


4. Horror Movie Night

Written by Alecia Bennett

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