How To Read Eyes And Understand Someone’s Mind

How To Read Eyes And Understand Someone's Mind

Eyes reveal so much more than a person says and that’s why they are called the “windows to the soul.” but how to read eyes? If you pay close attention, you can tell what a person is thinking by looking into their eyes. Even if they don’t say it out loud, their eyes give it away.

Psychologists study body language because it gives insight into a person’s mind. However, it’s not a very reliable way to figure out what someone is thinking. A person can change or control their body language, but they cannot do the same thing with their eyes. This is why experts learn to read eyes.

An article published in The Week states that humans’ eyes give access to a person’s inner state. However, this statement is true only for humans, not any other living beings.

It is easy to read someone’s eyes if you know how to analyze eye gestures and movements. Let’s learn more about this topic in the post below.

How to read eyes and what do different eye directions mean?

The direction of a person’s eyes tells a lot about them. We do these natural movements when we imagine or lie about something. Someone who understands the different eye directions can easily find out if a person is lying to them.

Upper Right

If a person moves their eyes upwards towards their right, it means they are trying to visualize something in their mind. We often do this when we don’t want to tell the truth.

Upper Left

If a person moves their pupils to the upper left side, it means they are trying to access a memory.

Lateral Right

If they move their eyes in that direction, it denotes they are creating a sound inside their mind. We commonly do this when we make false claims about a thing or person.

Lateral Left

This means the person is trying to remember a particular sound that they heard before. If you see someone doing this eye movement, it means they are not honest with you.

Lower Right

You move your eyes to the lower right when you try to recall an emotion linked with a memory. It means you want to relive those emotions in your mind.

Lower Left

People move their eyes in the direction when they discuss their minds. It indicates a person is in doubt or deep thought.

Straight Ahead

This eye movement with dilated pupils means a busy mind. If you see a person doing this, they are trying to access sensory information.

What To Know About Eye Gestures?

It is important to learn about different eye gestures because it helps you to read a person’s eyes. Each eye gesture means something, so you should pay attention when you talk to someone. This way you can know if a person is lying or telling you the truth.

Covering Their Eyes

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash
Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

We cover our eyes or block our vision if we dislike something. You feel so disgusted that you cover your eyes with your hands. This is a strong gesture that denotes discomfort, disbelief, or disagreement.


We squint our eyes when we feel physical or emotional pain. However, it also means tiredness or consideration. If a person squints their eyes when talking to you, it means they don’t like you or your company. Sometimes, people narrow their eyes because there is not enough light for them to see.


Pupillometry is used to measure a person’s pupil’s reactivity and size. When we look at something we like, our pupils dilate to gather more information about the thing or person. If you see someone’s pupils dilate when they are with you, it means they like you.


We gaze at someone or something if we like them. It is an intimate eye gesture that people do when they find someone very attractive. If you find someone gazing at you, it means they are in love with you. But if the person is gazing at your body, it denotes lust. You should focus on the person’s eyes to understand their gaze.

Looking Down At Nose

If a person makes this eye gesture when talking to you, it means they think you are inferior to them. You should try to avoid interaction with such people because they are likely to disrespect you because of their false beliefs.

Glancing Sideways

We often look on our sides when we are uncertain about something. According to Vanessa Van Edwards, a person looks sideways with their eyebrows up if they are interested in you. You should focus on these small details to understand what the person wants from you.

Constant Eye Contact

If a person stares at you consistently, they want to intimidate you. This eye gesture makes people uncomfortable. Sometimes, they may even feel threatened. You should be careful if a person does that to you because they don’t mean good to you.

Darting Eyes

We dart our eyes from side to side when we try to escape a situation that makes us uncomfortable or insecure. Some people do this eye gesture when they are bored and have nothing to do.


The emotions and thoughts in our mind influence our blink rate. If you notice, people blink more often when they are talking to a person. If a person blinks more than 7 to 8 times when talking to you, it means they feel a connection with you.


This is a playful eye gesture and very common among different cultures worldwide. We wink at others to joke or tease them. Sometimes, we also wink at people we like. However, some cultures or people don’t like winking, so you should be careful with your actions.

Check this video out below if you want to know more about how to read someone’s eyes?

We use different eye movements and gestures when talking to someone. Our eye’s directions change when we lie or try to hide something. You can read eyes if you learn about the eye gestures and movements listed in this post. This is an important skill because it helps you to get through your social life.

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How To Read Eyes And Understand Someone's Mind