10 Unusual Things Your Body Does During Anxiety Attack

10 Unusual Things Your Body Does During Anxiety Attack

Our body starts acting weird when it gets a dose of anxiety attack.

An increasing number of human population is suffering from severe, chronic anxiety. It’s human nature to get anxious about things every now and then.

You can’t deny that you have also been anxious under a lot of circumstances. Then you might have experienced one or more of the bodily symptoms when anxiety stricken. It really feels overwhelming when things go out of control.

People often experience anxiety attacks, which may occur multiple times a day having a serious impact on their lives.

People always had an anxiety issue, that’s nothing new. But our modern social media dominated lifestyles are making it even worse. 


Many of us might confuse panic attack and an anxiety attack, which aren’t the same thing. A panic attack will normally occur extremely speedily and will be very acute, but normally won’t last for long, if properly dealt. Although an anxiety attack may share some of the same symptoms, it will be less acute and devitalizing, but will probably last longer.

Once we’re aware that we suffer from anxiety, we can easily pick up on these attacks. An anxiety attack can exhibit itself in a variety of ways, some of which you might expect and others which might have never occurred to you.

A lot of these are linked to our natural fight or flight mode that the body goes into when we’re stressed and the adrenaline rush will prepare us to deal with a potentially dangerous situation.

However, if someone suffers from anxiety, their fight or flight system may not be working properly.

Here are 10 things your body does when you’re experiencing anxiety attacks :  

1. Blushing or growing pale:

These two are contradictory symptoms of an anxiety attack. We do not have the same reactions as every one of us is different and so is our body which reacts differently under stress. 

With the onset of an anxiety attack, we might either find the blood draining out of the face completely, which can be associated with a state of shock or find that it rushes onto our face, as if one is embarrassed or have been exercising for a long time.

These two signs indicate changes in the body’s circulation i.e. if you grow white, then your body is actually ensuring that the blood is concentrated around your vital organs (which is very necessary), whereas if you turn red, the body is trying to bring down its raised temperature. 

2. Feeling Hot or Chilled (Or Both):

Along with the changes in the outer appearance, the body heat can shoot up or fall while undergoing such attacks.

So if you find yourself getting hot and it feels like having a fever, that’s because of blood that is being pumped quickly around the body. This sudden rise in temperature will result in sweating, which will cool down the body and you will start feeling chilled.

3. Frequent bathroom visits:

This is one point that anyone who’s ever been nervous will be able to connect with, but individuals who suffer from anxiety are more likely to observe that they feel the need to urinate more often when they’re encountering an attack.

Written by Alecia Bennett

I hold a master's degree with a clinical psychology specialization. Currently pursuing school counseling courses. I have attended various programs related to mental health issues. A person who takes a keen interest in writing anything about the human mind and behavior.

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