What Makes a True Friend? 8 Characteristics of a True Friend

Characteristics of a True Friend

Watching the “Friends” TV show made us realize one thing and that is the value of true friendship and the precious role they play in our lives.

They add color to your life and make it a happy place. Good friends treat you like a family member and stay by your side when you need them the most. This is probably the reason we call them “extended family.”

Making friends in this social media age is as easy as shopping online. You create a social media account and meet new people every day. Now the question you must ask yourself is “Are they your true friends?”
We need to realize that every person we laugh at or spend a good time with is not a true friend. A true friend offers love, emotional support, and strength, and makes your life meaningful. They are the people who stay with you till the end.

8 Characteristics of a True Friends 

Understanding the definition of true friends requires knowing the characteristics that define a true friend. This article covers some of the signs and qualities that we all look for in our friends.

  • They Don’t Make You Feel Alone

The presence of a good friend makes life easy, especially if you are going through a rough phase.
A true friend is there with you at all times even when you are in trouble. They provide support and make you emotionally and mentally stronger.

True friend meaning is someone ready to defend you in any situation. They stick to you like a rock no matter what. Having a friend who is ready to stay by your side through thick or thin is nothing less than a blessing.

  • They Stay Loyal To You

A true friend is loyal to you regardless of the situation. It is easy for people to lie and backstab each other for personal gain. But it takes a special kind of person to stay honest and share their struggles with you.
A true friend is open with you about everything, including their weaknesses and disappointments. This openness makes you feel comfortable to share your secrets and burdens with them.

Honesty and loyalty are the two qualities of a good friend that make you cherish your friendship. It is easy to make friends, but finding a person who is true to you is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

  • They Listen To You

We all need a person to listen to us and understand us. Some of us are lucky to find this quality in a friend.

A true friend is someone who understands you as a person and knows what you are thinking even without you saying it. They know your tone of voice, body language, and everything else that goes unnoticed when you are someone else.

So, if you are wondering “What is a true friend?” It’s a person who knows you in and out and loves you with all your flaws.

  • They Understand You When No One Else Does

Many people are quick to judge because it is in their nature. They assume that they are never wrong. These types of people can never be true friends.

A real friend is someone who understands your point of view and supports your cause. They don’t judge you for the person you are or force their opinion on you. Instead, they make an effort to understand your side of the story even if they don’t agree with it.

True friends are not scared of calling each other out when they are wrong or do something stupid. Sometimes, their words might hurt, but they say it with good intentions at heart. This is one of the biggest signs of a true friend.

  • Spending Time With Them Makes You Feel Good

Spending time with your favorite person feels great. It gives you energy and makes you happy from within. Well, such is the magic of a true friend!

Toxic friends and social vampires exhaust you, but a good friend cheers you up even if you are low. They possess positive energy that makes you feel comfortable around them, wanting you to spend more time with them.

According to Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard happiness expert, spending time with friends or people we love helps us cope with stress. He says that money can’t buy happiness, but spending time with your near and dear ones is always a good investment.

  • They Are Emotionally Available

Who is a true friend? A person who is emotionally available for you when you need them. This quality is essential for building a healthy relationship with a person. So, if your friend acknowledges your emotions, it means they care for you.

They understand your feelings and listen to you when you share your problems with them.
A true friend doesn’t need to be physically present with you to be emotionally available. You can talk to them over the phone or video call and vent your emotions without worrying about getting judged.

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  • They Have Similar Interests As You

This is one of the characteristics of a true friend that we often overlook. Two close people tend to share similar interests which further strengthens their bond.

You and your friend may have different values and personalities, but your interest in similar things brings you closer.

Sharing similarities with your friends gives you a lot to talk about. But most importantly, it brings both of you closer.

  • They Wish The Best For You

It is easy to come across manipulative and toxic people, but it is hard to find a good friend. And if you manage to find such a person, you should consider yourself lucky.

A true friend wants you to excel in your life and is not jealous of you. Instead, they encourage you to do good things and help you progress in life.

We all need a caring friend who brings out the best in us; someone who is not threatened by our success or achievements.

A true friend is a precious gem. They stay by your side and brighten your life every moment. They don’t abandon you when things get rough. Instead, they pick you up and support you till everything gets fine. If you are lucky to have such a person, make sure to cherish and treasure them in your life.

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Characteristics of a True Friend