15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees In 2023

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees In 2021

Holiday gifts for employees seem to be a thoughtful prospect. And among all the holidays, Christmas stands tall in terms of the celebrations. Be it Christmas gifts for coworkers or Christmas gifts for your employees, you have to choose gifts that stand out and leave a mark among the people that you work with.

What are some holiday gifts for employees’ ideas? In case you are still confused about what to choose as gifts for your employees on the occasion of Christmas, this article is for you. Here are the 15 best Christmas gift ideas for your employees that you can gift them and surprise them this Christmas!

Here are 15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees In 2023

1. A pre-Christmas team lunch

A pre-Christmas team lunch: You can celebrate the Christmas spirit with a wholesome pre-Christmas team lunch with lots of fun and frolic at the office space. Choose delicacies that everyone, or at least most people in your office will like and relish to their heart’s content. If you want to take your team for eating out at a restaurant, you can do that as well. This will let people order dishes according to their palette and everyone will be left satisfied after the pre-Christmas lunch and subsequent celebrations.

2. Electronic gadgets

You do not have to go overboard and gift your employees the latest electronic gadgets that are out in the market, but go for something that they will be able to utilize both for work and personal purposes, for instance, a mini laptop – this is easily portable and your employees can carry it to the office for work as well. Other suitable choices would be a tab or an iPad, these are portable devices which they or their family members can utilize.

3. Subscriptions to OTT platforms

Everyone is looking forward to bingeing on something new, be it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, or any other online platform. Since the year of the pandemic (2020), all of the OTT platforms have gained considerable prominence. 2023 has seen a large percentage of the global population getting vaccinated and marked considerably safe from the coronavirus, however, threats still remain as new variants of the virus are being discovered. Chances are that your employees want to celebrate this Christmas by staying at home, warm and comfy with family, watching something new. Gift them subscriptions to major OTT platforms this Christmas as an employer, so that they do not have to go back searching their DVD racks for good movies.

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4. Movie tickets

On this Christmas, you can gift your employees movie tickets as well. In case your employees want to spend Christmas watching a movie in the theatres with family, this would make the perfect gift for them and they will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

5. Software upgrades

Make sure that your employees make the software upgrades on their devices do because the upgrades will help them when it comes to functioning in their job roles efficiently and performing to their fullest. Instead of letting your employees pay for the software upgrades on their devices, pay for their upgrades for better performance and output at work, because you still, like most other people on this planet, do not know when the COVID-pandemic would end. Work from home might continue, and hybrid work culture is the most preferred option for employees these days.

6. Cash and prepaid cards

Christmas means an increase in expenditure for all people, especially those who are earning and living with their families. Some liquid cash or prepaid cards to take care of your employee’s needs would be a thoughtful gift on your part and make your employee’s Christmas celebrations the best this year.

7. Classy interior decor

Choose tasteful interior decor items, such as paintings, sculptures, pen stands, or others that your employees would surely appreciate on the occasion of Christmas because Christmas means family and friends coming over for celebrations, and when they see a nice collection of interior decor, they will surely be appreciative of them.

8. Work accessories

A laptop stand, a cellphone holder, power bank are a few work accessories that are essential for your employees, especially when they are doing work from home for a prolonged period of time. These must-need work accessories will make work from home easier for them and make sure that they stay connected with the office at all times.

9. Access to online courses and study materials

Make sure that your employees learn and grow as they continue gaining more work experience at your organization. Along with practical hands-on experience at work, they need to have sufficient theoretical knowledge for career progression as well. This Christmas, make your employees progress by gifting them free access to online courses for some essential job skills as well as study materials for the same.

10. Chocolate gift boxes

A cute Chocolate gift box would be the best gift for your employee who lives with his family, including children. As an added advantage, you can go for a chocolate gift box that can be reused and is made of recyclable materials, and make a conscious choice on your part, for a better environment.

11. Food coupons

Food coupons make a great choice of gift on Christmas eve because most people would prefer eating out or ordering from outside on the occasion of Christmas. Gift your employees five food coupons each, so that they do not face any kind of shortage when it comes to ordering from outside.

12. Personalized coffee mugs

A personalized coffee mug for each employee would be the right way for you to show them how much you appreciate them and they will take their mugs home delightfully to show their family and friends this token of genuine appreciation. This can be good
Christmas gifts for employees from a boss.

13. A wine bottle

A bottle of wine would be just right for your employees for Christmas eve because everybody is having Christmas celebrations at home. You can also gift a set of beautiful wine glasses to accompany the bottle of wine.

14. A pack of scented candles

Scented candles will truly light up the Christmas holiday of your employees and add spark to their homes. While choosing the brand of candles for your employees, make sure that you go for one that will not be too over-the-top in terms of pricing and not too cheap or low-quality either.

15. A personalized care package

This one will take some effort on your part, but it is surely worth it. After working with the employees in your organization for some time, you will definitely have some idea about their individual tastes and preferences. You can choose personal care items, makeup equipment as well as food and prepare a personalized care package for each of your employees for Christmas celebrations. It will surely bring a smile to their faces!

Christmas is one of the biggest festive occasions of the year for all of us when we learn to let go and relax a little bit. Make sure that you enjoy your heart’s content and also make this Christmas a memorable one for your employees!

Let us know if you have any Christmas gift ideas for employees as a boss.

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees In 2023
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