Don’t Date An Overthinker

Date An Overthinker

They’ll fall in love with the smallest things about you. The color of your eyes and the way your smile formed. They’ll spend days analyzing your facial expressions when you speak, and nights understanding what your text message meant.

They’ll agonize for hours over why you didn’t say hello to them at breakfast, and start to create unrealistic scenarios in their head that you decided you no longer like them.

Don’t date that one person, because otherwise, they’ll suffocate you with their care and affection. They’ll always want to ask you if you’re okay and constantly say that they love you just to hear you say it back to them, and they’ll cry, oh dear Lord, will they cry.

They’ll cry over the way you looked at that other person, or the way your eyes stopped lighting up at the sound of their very own name. They’ll cry when you start kissing them like it’s your job and touching them like it’s a habit.

They’ll even overthink the fact that maybe they’re just overthinking, that you do still love them, that all these worries might actually just be in their own head.

And so when you do leave, they’ll still wake up late at night, months from now replaying the memories over and over in their head like a jukebox saying, “Where did I go wrong?” or “What did I do this time?”

Do not date an overthinker. Do not do it unless you plan on loving them for a lifetime.
– pradaforhers