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How to deal with mental health during quarantine.

Additionally, when you are exposed and stay in quarantine, it is also beneficial in flattening the coronavirus curve. It is because it helps in slowing down the transmission of the virus to other people. Besides, if you go out of quarantine after being exposed, you will transmit the virus to other people, which may lead to a spike in the number of patients. It may overwhelm the hospitals, and the medical practitioners may be unable to treat everyone adequately. It may increase the number of casualties. Ideally, reminding yourself of the reasons behind the quarantine may make you feel good because you are doing it for everyone’s good.

  1. Combat Boredom

The frustration of being quarantined mainly occurs due to being bored. Therefore, you must find something fun to keep you busy and occupied. For instance, you can work on those projects that you were too busy to work on before because of your tight schedule. Ideally, do everything that you wished to do before the quarantine, but you were too busy to do them. You can also find some new hobbies to pass the time or find exciting movies to watch.

Having something to do significantly reduces your boredom, and improves your mental health. However, ensure that you have a firm timetable for doing the fun activities. When you do one activity for too long, it also becomes quite dull. Creating a timetable ensures that you alternate the activities making them more fun.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Kids Out.

When you are in quarantine with your child, you should also know that they are affected by the quarantine. Children who are in the quarantine may end up developing more severe mental health disorders than grown-ups. While a grown-up may understand the importance of the quarantine, children may feel like they are being caged and tormented. It may make them feel stressed, and they may develop severe mental disorders in the process.

Furthermore, children are prone to severe mental health conditions during the quarantine period because they are also not interacting with their friends. Plan activities for them to ensure that they remain engaged, and they don’t get bored. You can try to structure a regular school day timetable, which allows the children to study with the appropriate breaks in between. Finally, it would be helpful if parents talked to their children to make them understand the coronavirus outbreak, and how necessary quarantine is. You should also ensure that you adequately manage your anxiety because it will also help in calming the kids. When you are restless, you make your kids restless as well.

Quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, may be stressful and upsetting for many people. Ensure that you take the necessary measures to deal with the quarantine period appropriately, to avoid getting severe mental health disorders.


Written by Antonio Guerrieri

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