Do You Have Positive Energy? Take This Quiz to Determine Your Positivity Score

Positive Energy Quiz

Relationships are always an energy exchange. Positive attitudes accentuate wellness. Negative attitudes impair it. Take this quiz to determine your positivity score and the energy impact you have on yourself and others.

1. Do you exude a sense of support and compassion with others?YesNo
2. Do others feel safe and relaxed with you?YesNo
3. Are you a generally positive person?YesNo
4. Are you non-judgmental with yourself and others?YesNo
5. Are you compassionate with your own shortcomings and try to heal them?YesNo
6. Do you feel peaceful much of the time?YesNo
7. Are you able to let resentments go rather than harboring them?YesNo
8. Do you laugh frequently?YesNo
9. Are you kind to your family, friends and people you don’t know well?YesNo

How to interpret this quiz

  • If you had 0 yeses – Positive energy is hard to come by at this point, but you can always start to build it NOW!
  • If you had 1 yes – You are ready to learn how to bring more positive energy into your life even
  • if you don’t access it easily now.
  • If you had 2 yeses – You are beginning to learn how to be positive. Bravo!
  • If you had 3 yeses – Sometimes you are positive, though negativity still plays a significant role in your life.
  • If you had 4 yeses – Positive energy is building and you’re making room for more joy.
  • If you had 5 yeses – You are learning to be more loving with yourself and others, and are less drained by negativity around you.
  • If you had 6 yeses – You have tipped the scales towards being more positive and your vitality is improving.
  • If you had 7 yeses – Your energy is getting more vibrant and alive as you begin to set better boundaries with negative people.
  • If you had 8 yeses – You have positive energy much of the time and can increasingly treat yourself with kindness.
  • If you had 9 yeses – Your positivity score is 100%. Your life is filled with positive energy. Congratulations!

Learn more about building positive energy in
Positive Energy
by Judith Orloff MD

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Positive Energy Quiz