15 Qualities of a Good Friend

15 Qualities of a Good Friend

What is the definition of a good friend? What are the qualities of a good friend ? Does a good friend have to fit into all of the so-called traits that one is supposed to be while having a friendship? No, not quite so. However, with the friendships that last in life, there are some expectations that come to us quite naturally.

With lasting friendships, we see that our friends do exhibit certain behavior that is characteristic of a true friend. This truly lets us know that they are on our side. The friends whom we consider to be close to us, they are often the ones we choose to rely upon simply because they are caring and dependable enough. These friends are not only our companions, but they also guide us, nurture us, and take care of us. They are our true friends, who can even be called our extended family. So, what are the characteristics of a good friend?

Let us have a look at 15 Qualities of a Good Friend

1. They are kind to you:

Kindness is a quality that remains mostly overlooked, some might even take it for granted. In any human interaction. Kindness adds some much-needed warmth and creates a generally peaceful vibe, something that we all strive for in our daily interactions and conversations. The friend who is kind to you does not go out of their way to help you, rather ensures that both of your needs are met when required.

2. They are honest with you:

A good friend would rarely keep anything from you, they would let you know about things that are going on, especially that involves your interests. They would be honest to you if any action of yours has hurt or offended them, and will share your pains as well. They will be on your side as advisors when they feel you are making a foolish decision by being irrational or impractical, they will probe into the matter when you keep something to yourself because they can sense well that you are hiding something.

3. They are independent beings:

Being your friend does not mean that they will emulate or copy your actions, rather they will be independent and have a personality of their own. While you might have similar goals and dreams in life that you both strive to achieve, you two will follow distinctive paths, each of your own. Remember that you, and your friend, are two different individuals and will have individual perspectives.

4. They are open to new adventures and experiences:

Your friend must have their heart open to having new experiences in life, with you as their constant companion. They are adventurous enough to explore those sides of life which they haven’t already, and they will embrace newness with an openness to learn and know.

5. They are funny and playful when around you:

They know how to keep you busy with their funny antics and pranks, they will never bore you for a moment. Life seems to become a rather serious state of affairs at times, and you can surely rely on these friends

6. They are protective of you:

A good friend will protect you and take you out of harm’s way with all the power they have. After all, there is a good reason for them being your extended family.

7. They are people you can trust and rely on:

A good friend is essentially a person who is good to us and someone who is trustworthy. They are reliable enough when it comes to keeping secrets or discussing problems with in order to come to a solution.