6 Benefits of Practicing The Science of Gratitude

6 Benefits of Practicing The Science of Gratitude
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Gratitude is simply the practice of being thankful, and grateful for all the good things that we have and all the good things that have happened to us during this lifetime. Is gratitude important for survival and sustenance in day-to-day life? Yes!
Let us explore the 6 health benefits of practicing the science of gratitude in our day-to-day lives, for our own well-being:

1. Gratitude is good for your health:

Yes, the science of gratitude is a healthy practice- studies have proven that it is beneficial for your physical, mental, emotional health and most importantly- our overall well-being. How so? Let’s have a look.

When you focus on what’s good in your life instead of the bad ones, what you have instead of what you don’t- you are practicing the science of gratitude.

Think about a person who is constantly lamenting about all the bad experiences that he’s had in life, all the things that he didn’t get- quite naturally this person will be unable to look past the negatives and will be stuck helplessly in his playground, crying over spilled milk. This person will constantly think about all the good things that are happening to others and be envious of them, which will only deteriorate his own mental health.

On the contrary, think about a person who is thankful for all that he has received in his life so far- be it the support of family and friends, or his own personal or professional achievements. Bad things have happened to this person too- but he chooses to focus on the GOOD instead of the BAD, and this is the outlook that will make him feel great about himself. Being grateful is essential in order to be healthy and happy in life.

2. Gratitude improves your personality:

It’s absolutely essential to have a personality that is attractive and appeals to all. Successful people are often seen to be smart, funny, dynamic, and possessing a strong, magnetic personality which is their biggest plus point when it comes to interacting with others and leaving a good first impression.

When you are grateful for all that you have in your life, quite naturally you will be outgoing and confident about yourself. This will, in turn, leave a long-lasting positive impression on the people with whom you interact.

3. Gratitude positively impacts your career:

Gratitude makes you a better professional- it has been seen that the people who practice the science of gratitude are considerably more efficient, thorough, and consistent when it comes to doing their job.

Gratitude gives you a clear mindset, makes you more focused and determined to achieve your goals- the professional targets you have set for yourself. This makes achieving those goals much easier. When you are grateful, your mental health improves significantly, thus lessening worries and unproductive thoughts.

Being grateful makes you a much more productive person, so your performance at work improves. Gratitude helps you network better- when you are grateful, you are more willing to help out others, who will help you in return. This will build a strong network of interpersonal relationships that is absolutely essential for career growth. Gratitude also helps you to manage better- as your social skills improve, you learn to manage yourself as well as other people efficiently. This is particularly useful for job roles in human resources or even public relations.

4. Gratitude makes you less materialistic:

Without a doubt, material pleasures are important in order to survive in the present materialistic world. However, there needs to be a limit to our demands. When one is earning, and one goes out of their way, trying to earn more, aiming for a better and even better lifestyle- this never-ending need can backfire. It can lead them to become extremely dissatisfied and terribly unhappy with their present circumstances, and they end up complaining relentlessly.

Written by Sukanya Majumdar

Hey there! I'm someone you can have long walks and conversations with. Not a religious person, but deeply spiritual, an artist, an author and a mystic. Cats over dogs any day. Movie genres: thriller/horror, music: grunge/rock. Strong believer of: "Love yourself, and the world will love you."

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