6 Self-care Apps That Keep You Fit And Healthy

6 Self-care Apps That Keep You Fit And Healthy

Are you searching for the best self-care app? Most people realize that it is essential to take care of their physical health. But, they don’t feel it is equally vital to look after their mental health needs. Learning how to handle stress and make time for oneself is as essential as eating the right food and exercising. These things are parts of self-care and can help people live their healthiest lives. Experts feel that self-care is a process that involves being aware of self, taking responsibility, and getting knowledge for making their needs at whatever level they get presented. It will be hard enough to address the needs though. The problem with not making time for self-care is going to affect your other areas of life.

You will get burnout if you don’t place value on self-care first. You might feel busy with your work or tired of looking after your sick loved ones that is why we came up with the self-care app that reminds you how to take care of yourself and can be the best.

Pros and cons of self-care app

While there are multiple types of self-care apps to fit your needs, one thing that may bother you is the lack of features in a free app. However, we find that a couple of free elf care apps are doing a great job by offering a generous amount of valuable content. It does so without focusing on the premium features. So, we are more likely to try this out rather than buying the previous versions.
One of the pros of having a self-care app is the convenience of having it. From tracking your mood to meditating and all that comes in between, you can have it in the palm of your hand. The only cons of having a self-care app are that you need the storage space to download it.
We don’t find that there is an all-in-one free app which means that you need to download multiple apps to get the features you may want in an app.

The best thing is that self-care does not need a huge time commitment. Although we will suggest you go for a bubble bath or get a massage from time to time, the truth is that self-care allows us to find time for ourselves.
We spend so much time on our phones each day, why don’t we dedicate time to self-care? self-care app will help you keep up with the topic of self-care.

1. Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud is an easy way to take care of yourself every day. The app will set a gentle nudge all through the day reminding you to take water, reach out to friends, and more. Rather than making you feel guilty if you don’t do well, Aloe Bud encourages you to celebrate even the small victory.
You can download the Aloe Bud from Apple Play Store.

2. Shleep

The Shleep app is a valuable one if you are planning to fall asleep and feel weaker after waking up. The Shleep app rates how well you’re sleeping with the questionnaire and teaches you how to sleep better through learning modules.
Based on your sleeping habits, the self care app will give more importance to some modules over others. You can download the Shleep app from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

3. ToDon’t

It may sound like the opposite of self-care. But, you should hear us out that the app works on procrastinating bad habits or what you do want to meet that day. ToDon’t app will help you avoid bad choices like checking social media frequently or allowing laundry to pile up. You can download the ToDon’t app from Google Play Store or App Store.

4. Loosid

If you are planning to quit alcohol or be sober, you need to find a like-minded community. Loosid is one of the digital sober communities that provides support to the members and celebrates the choice of sobriety. The self care app will link you to friend groups, sober events, and dating options.
You can download Loosid from Google Play Store or App Store.

5. Smokefree

Smoking is one of the challenging habits to quit. Smokefree can help you get over food like cold Turkey and cut back with time. The app will provide you with a set of motivational phrases, time lapsed without smoking and a chart of cash saved. You can use Smokefree to set an incentive for yourself. For instance, you can use the cash saved from not buying alcohol and cigarettes to buy a new phone. You can download Smokefree from App Store.

6. MindDoc

One of the great things about tracking your mood is that you get to find several similarities and patterns. These are the patterns that will make you more cautious in the future. While there are many mood tracking apps, MindDoc is the best self care app. You can track your mood at midday, morning, and evening. The app Does not just ask how you are feeling. You will also get a couple of questions and the rate of how much the answer affects your health conditions.
It allows you to have a complete assessment of your emotional health within two weeks based on what you track each day. You can download the app from Google play store and App store .

What does a self-care app do?

A self-care app brings your mind and soul to balance. The next time You feel anxious or get overburdened with stress, you are one click away from a calmer state of mind. The self care app is like having a therapist in your back pocket.

The latest technology is not all bad. There is more than one way to make use of technology to make life easier. It provides us with more resources to be healthy and happy.
Some apps do good to your health rather than harm it. Instead of using your phone for Instagram and getting Fomo over Facebook, you should make use of it. If you don’t get detoxed digitally, consider downloading the self care app to enjoy a happier and healthier life.


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