21 Touch The Soul Quotes About The Human Experiences

21 Touch The Soul Quotes About The Human Experiences

We have collected some touch the soul quotes about the human experiences you may like.

1.Above All, Don’t Lie To Yourself. The Man Who Lies To Himself And Listens To His Own Lie Comes To A Point That He Cannot Distinguish The Truth Within Him, Or Around Him, And So Loses All Respect For Himself And For Others. And Having No Respect He Ceases To Love.
-fyodor Dostoyevsky


2.We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


3.people Are Afraid Of Themselves, Of Their Own Reality; Their Feelings Most Of All. People Talk About How Great Love Is, But That’s Bullshit. Love Hurts. Feelings Are Disturbing. People Are Taught That Pain Is Evil And Dangerous. How Can They Deal With Love If They’re Afraid To Feel? Pain Is Meant To Wake Us Up. People Try To Hide Their Pain. But They’re Wrong. Pain Is Something To Carry, Like A Radio. You Feel Your Strength In The Experience Of Pain. It’s All In How You Carry It. That’s What Matters. Pain Is A Feeling. Your Feelings Are A Part Of You. Your Own Reality. If You Feel Ashamed Of Them, And Hide Them, You’re Letting Society Destroy Your Reality. You Should Stand Up For Your Right To Feel Your Pain.
– Jim Morrison


4. Never Have I Seen So Many Young, Privileged, People Trying So Hard To Be Happy. There Are Countless Articles Written About It, Blogs Named For It, Workshops Attending To It. Whoever Said We’re Supposed To Be Happy All The Time, Anyway? We’re Not. And The Pressure To Do So Might Be What’s Making Us Unhappy, To Begin With. It’s Ok If You’re Not Completely Content With Your Life Twenty-four Hours A Day. Can You Imagine What A Boring Person You’d Be If You Were? Going Through Shit Storms, Feeling Uninspired, Hating The Way You Look And Having Guilt Over Not Accomplishing Enough Are Just Some Of The Things That Make You Interesting, Relatable And Human. Not To Mention, If You’re Reading This, Then You Have Internet Access And If You Have Internet Access, It Stands To Reason That You Have A Computer, Which Makes Me Think You Probably Have A Place To Live, With Electricity And Plenty Of Food To Eat And Clean Clothes To Wear, Which Are All Things That An Enormous Amount Of People Living On The Planet Today Do Not Have. This Is Not To Say That People Shouldn’t Strive To Better Their Positions In Life, However, It Seems Like So Many Of Us Are No Longer Content With A Regular Amount Of Happy, Yet Dead-set On Being Maniacally Jubilant, All Of The Time.
– Kelly Rheel


5.the Prettiest Smiles Hide The Deepest Secrets. The Prettiest Eyes Have Cried The Most Tears And The Kindest Hearts Have Felt The Most Pain.
– Anonymous


6.your Work Is Going To Fill A Large Part Of Your Life, And The Only Way To Be Truly Satisfied Is To Do What You Believe Is Great Work. And The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do. If You Haven’t Found It Yet, Keep Looking. Don’t Settle. As With All Matters Of The Heart, You’ll Know When You Find It. And, Like Any Great Relationship, It Just Gets Better And Better As The Years Roll On. So Keep Looking Until You Find It. Don’t Settle.
-steve Jobs


7.isn’t It Funny How Day By Day Nothing Changes, But When You Look Back, Everything Is Different? – C.s. Lewis


8.everyone Has The Heartbreak That Shapes Them In A Way That They Could Never Go Back To The Innocence That They Had Before. – Zooey Deschanel


9.stop Holding On To What Hurts, And Start Making Room For What Feels Good.


10.we Are Afraid To Care Too Much, For Fear That The Other Person Does Not Care At All.
-eleanor Roosevelt


11.i Think She Was Afraid To Love Sometimes. I Think It Scared Her. She Was The Type To Like Things That Were Concrete, Like The Ocean. Something You Could Point To And Know What It Was. I Think That’s Why She Struggled With Love. She Couldn’t Touch It. She Couldn’t Hold On To It And Make Sure It Never Changed. – Carrie Ryan


12.sometimes People Think They Know You. They Know A Few Facts About You, And They Piece You Together In A Way That Makes Sense To Them. And If You Don’t Know Yourself Very Well, You Might Even Believe That They Are Right. But The Truth Is, That Isn’t You. That Isn’t You At All.
-leila Sales

13.but The Struggles Make You Stronger And The Changes Make You Wise. And Happiness Has Its Own Way Of Taking Its Sweet Time.
– Gary Allen

14.once You Truly Believe You’re Worthy Of Love, You Will Never Settle For Anyone’s Second Best Treatment.  -Charles J. Orlando

15.until You Get Comfortable With Being Alone, You’ll Never Know If You’re Choosing Someone Out Of Love Or Loneliness.
– Mandy Hale

16.nothing That’s Worthwhile Is Ever Easy. Remember That. – Nicholas Sparks

17.it’s Possible To Go On, No Matter How Impossible It Seems, And That In Time, The Grief … Lessens. It May Not Go Away Completely, But After A While, It’s Not So Overwhelming.
– Nicholas Sparks


18.and I Pray That You No Longer Seek Happiness From The Past, But Rather You Set Your Sails Forward, To A Land That Is Pure And Wonderful. I Pray That You No Longer Stare Into The Shallows Of Empty Promises, But That You Dive Into The Depth Of An Ocean Of Guarantees. May You Feel The Winds Of Hope, And Smell The Scent Of Joy, May Your Heart Be Alive Again As It Was Meant To Be. For You Are With A Better Captain, You Are With A True Sailor, A True Leader; You Are Sailing With Christ, And He Is Always Sure To Lead Us Home.
-t.b. Laberge


19.there’s A Loneliness That Only Exists In One’s Mind. The Loneliest Moment In Someone’s Life Is When They Are Watching Their Whole World Fall Apart, And All They Can Do Is Stare Blankly.
-f. Scott Fitzgerald

20.sometimes, I Sit Alone Under The Stars And Think Of The Galaxies Inside My Heart, And Truly Wonder If Anyone Will Ever Want To Make Sense Of All That I Am.
-Christopher Poindexter


21.people Who Believe They’ll Be Happy If They Go And Live Somewhere Else, Learn It Doesn’t Work That Way. Wherever You Go, You Take Yourself With You.
-Neil Gaiman


21 Touch The Soul Quotes About The Human Experiences


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