12 Subconscious Signs of Attraction in a Man

12 Subconscious Signs of Attraction in a Man

How do you know if a man likes you? What are the Subconscious Signs of Attraction in a Man? Most women would not prefer to directly ask a man about his affinity or attraction towards them for reasons that are quite valid, most certainly they do not want to appear desperate in front of the man who they believe likes them. In that case, how to read his body language and other such not-so-obvious signs that are indicative of the fact that he really likes you? Either way, you will know the truth, whether he is truly interested in you and to what extent, or it might be the other way round.

 Here are some signs, some prominent and some passive which show that a man is attracted to you:

1. He remains well-groomed

whenever he is around you and makes a conscious effort to improve his appearance in front of you. It’s a big plus! Considering the very fact that he is trying to impress you, and through that process improving himself overall- his persona and his grooming are beneficial for him as well.

2. He tries to get in shape:

He is making considerable efforts to be fitter, be it through practicing regular exercise and going to the gym. This is certainly impressive and makes him more attractive than his usual self.

3. He is in general, more cheerful and smiles more frequently whenever he is around you:

Shakespeare said, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” 

Smiling whenever he is present around you: This might not be a conscious thing for him to do all the time. The chances are that he feels happier than his usual self when he is around you and loves spending time with you. This is the reason for the glow in his appearance and increased cheerfulness whenever you are with him.

4. He checks you out without you noticing

He might check you out unconsciously or consciously, but makes an attempt that you do not notice it. If the guy is rather introverted and shy, he might even try to hide or deny the fact that he was checking you out in the first place. If you catch him blushing, chances are that he is very much fond of you.

5. He turns his face and body towards you

While you are talking to him regarding any topic or having a conversation with someone else, or when you guys hang out with a group of common friends, he just can’t seem to get his eyes off of you. He turns towards you more often than a regular friend would, and other people around might also notice that. It is one of the common signs of liking someone- turning and facing them more frequently and checking them out.

6. He locks his eyes with you while conversing

This is one of the indications that he likes you and he does this by directly exuding his level of confidence. You can see how self-assured he is, and this is a plus for all women.