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7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking Anything Personally

taking anything personally

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your life is by not taking anything personally

Do you easily feel hurt and offended by a person’s spoken words or behaviour? 

When you find yourself getting easily hurt and offended, it becomes really difficult to bring back focus at work and remain unscarred for the rest of the day.

It constantly feels as if you’re constantly under attack, even from your loved ones. Maybe they don’t mean to hurt our sentiments but even then it makes us feel miserable.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind before you take things personally.

1. INTROSPECT – think about it

Try to introspect on what has someone said to you that has stirred up your response – is it actually as bad as you’ve been interpreting it to be? If you’re a sensitive individual who happens to think a lot, then please think – ‘why’ is this happening to you!

The words that an individual is using might not actually be that offensive at all; maybe it’s you, who is ever ready to take things personally and will thus manage to twist anything into an insult because you’re so much habituated in finding an atom bomb everywhere.

If you have had a fixation about the way you look or any other thing which you’ve done in the past, you may subconsciously listen out only for those words that relate to those incidents and then take the whole matter personally.

Maybe the sentence being uttered is absolutely harmless, but we are so fixated with our past memories of certain events that we perceive it as nothing less than an insult. 

Now here it is very necessary to think about what actually upsets us! It’s amazing to note if we find that small unusual deviation of words, phrases or behaviour may look ‘offensive’ to us while someone else does not even quote this as negative – this is a fact. 

Remember that every single human being in this world is different, just like the five fingers on your hand. So don’t you think it is very natural that your personal definition of “politeness” will be discrete from any other fellow being’s definition of the same?

Introspection is needed at this point and surely you will figure out the clear distinguishing mark in between a normal conversation and an intentionally rude one. 


2. Projection of Your Feelings

We all see ourselves in a certain way and it is very likely for each one of us project those feelings onto what people say and how they behave around us.

We have a tendency to think that everything will be centering on our feelings and that we are linked with everything happening around us either by hook or by crook. 

A serious consideration is required as to how we feel about ourselves and how often other people say or do anything that actually rings true to our own emotions. 

There are many such situations which imply that we are consciously or subconsciously trying to force our own beliefs and feelings onto the other person’s behaviour. Though this might seem to be normal at the scratch but this can really turn destructive.

Written by Alecia Bennett

Editor At UnravelBrainPower

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