50 Things That Make Me Feel Happy And Alive. What’s in Your List?

50 Things That Make Me Feel Happy And Alive.

I know many of us are chasing money, success, and material things but have you ever sit and think about things that make you feel alive, Things that genuinely give you happiness? Indeed money is the most necessary thing to have but what about your happiness and passions?

In this article, I am going to list my top 50 things that make me happy and alive. you will get some ideas to make your own list of things that make you feel alive and give you happiness.

My list of 50 things that makes me feel alive

  1.  Hanging out with my close friends
  2. Reading fiction books
  3. Traveling and exploring new places
  4. Watching sci-fiction movies
  5. Playing Guitar
  6. Riding on my bike and long drive
  7. Listening to the kinds of music I love
  8. Singing a song I like ( I sing a lot but I’m a terrible singer )
  9. Spending time in nature
  10. A good conversation
  11. Increasing awareness about mental health
  12. Helping others
  13. Doing meditation
  14. Playing sports ( Mostly cricket and football)
  15. Exploring about new gadgets
  16. Learning new things
  17. A good meal
  18. Getting wet in the rain ( I love rain )
  19. Wring poem, story, and songs
  20. Vlogging
  21. Making memes and funny videos to make people laugh
  22. Playing with my dogs ( or anyone’s dog)
  23. I love sunset and sunrise
  24. I love being on the beach
  25. I love watching the moon and stars
  26. Watching live sports match
  27. Spending time in the gym
  28. Sharing my knowledge and experience with others
  29. Walking with loved ones
  30. Spending time with my family
  31. Designing and coding
  32. Playing video games with my squad
  33. Making people laugh
  34. Making someone feel special
  35. Smile from a stranger
  36. Live show/concerts
  37. Reading or listening to a good story
  38. Tasting food that I never had
  39. Making food for people I love
  40. Connecting with new people
  41. Going through old photos
  42. recalling good old memories
  43. Meditation
  44. Self-care
  45. A cold and long showers in summer
  46. Visiting temples and praying
  47. Dancing
  48. Being a good listener when someone needs someone
  49. Being in love
  50. laughing loud out with people

These are the best things that make me feel happy. so, go on and make your own list.

Let me know in the comment section what are the things that make you feel alive.  I hope this article will help you to take some time to write down your own list.


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50 Things That Make Me Feel Happy And Alive.
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