12 Essential Things To Do Before Going to Bed For Productive Morning

12 Essential Things To Do Before Going to Bed For Productive Morning

Having trouble sleeping at night? Having bad dreams? You might be missing out on some essentials before going to bed.
Having proper sleep is as essential as surviving. A night of good sleep boosts our working capability as well as helps us think better.
Most of the working professionals lack both time and energy to carry out activities after coming back from the office. A monotonous schedule creates mind and body disbalance, which is a serious issue.

But we have your back. Having thoroughly researched, we have found the best ways you can have a productive morning. Follow the following techniques and enjoy a goodnight’s sleep.

Never force yourself to practice something for your good, that will instead create more stress.
Rather just relax and chill.

1. Take a warm shower:

Taking a long warm shower or bath will help you bath out the sweat and dirt from your body and help it rejuvenate. Bathing is vital for regulating body temperature and provides quality sleep. Medical research has already established that sleep and our body’s core temperature are regulated by a circadian clock. Thus it is essential to have bathed before sleep.

2. Read books:

Reading books and NOTE-BOOKS is a great way to gain knowledge as well as clarifying the mind. Many parents tend to read out bed-time stories to their offspring. Even your parents might have done it too. What do you think is the reason?

3. Listen to ambient music:

The music itself is a great way of healing pain and anxiety. Many music therapies have been formed by people to help out stressed ones. Music has a rhythm and so is useful for heart and mind refreshment. Go for subtle music before sleep. Don’t pick the rock ones. Yeah, you may love them but before sleep rock music could kill your sleep and make you anxious. Melody creates peace and an optimum environment that is best for sleep.

4. Set an optimum room temperature:

Insomnia is a problem. Try adjusting your room temperature. Scientists have found that people sleeping with a room temperature of 18.3 degrees experience the best sleep. If you have a natural temperature of this value then it’s fine, otherwise, try using coolers(for warmer places), heater(for cooler places), or air conditioners.

5. Stay away from electronic devices at least one hour before bed:

Effects of electronic devices can be adverse if kept close to your body the whole day long. The devices emit radiation that is not only unhealthy but also impactful. The blue light affects our eyes unfavorably. When we go to bed just after switching off the cell phone or tablet our brain still doesn’t switch off to sleep mode. So it’s important to keep aside these things about half an hour to one hour before going to sleep. Primitive people didn’t have any of these obstacles, so they enjoyed rich sleep and had a healthy body. This is the reason they had such a long life span.

6. Maintain good room lighting:

Stress-free light or sleep mode (if you had installed on your room lighting) is specially designed for good sleep. Light affects our optical nerves and is good for day times. Try using a brighter light during day times because this too affects sleeping conditions. But when it comes to night lights, try to use the dimmers ones. It sends messages to the brain that it’s time to sleep.

7. Maintain a gratitude log every night:

As advised by Gour Gopal Das, writing a gratitude log each day could help you solve problems and release tension. Note down each considerable thing that happens to you the whole day. Solving problems and finding solutions this way feels right. It would feel as if you are discussing your problems with someone. Even I write every day in my notebooks. Makes me feel less sorrow. When you could find answers to your questions your mind will automatically come to rest. You can have a tight sleep thereafter.

8. Drink warm milk and honey:

It may sound gross, but it’s a good way to find sleep. People have been drinking milk and honey for centuries. Many people take this combo just before going to bed to help promote better sleep quality. It even boosts quality sleep. Take this every night before sleep, it would be of great help.

9. Meditate:

Meditation known as Dhyan in Sanskrit is one of the best ways to find peace of mind. The thing about meditation is that it will calm you down right away and give you a more enjoyable night’s sleep. Anything that allows you to stop your mind from competing, the way it seems to always be racing these days, and instead bring your focus to your breathing and your heartbeat and to everything that makes you whole. Meditation has the power to work wonders in all aspects of your life, and that most assuredly goes toward your sleep.

10. Drink a little water before bed:

Yes, we are asking you to drink less water just before going to bed. This causes you to pee just after you sleep, which is a bad thing. If sleep gets hindered in between, causes bad effects on the neurotic system and hence, your brain. Drink a sufficient quantity of water throughout the day but much less during nights for sounder digestion.

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11. Design a calm place for sleep:

As for working, we need to have a separate and peaceful place, so do we for sleeping. It is a form of mind recreation and requires a little dedication too. Sounds crappy, but sleep requires attention. Most working professionals are facing this dilemma. Make a noise-free or calm place to sleep. Have a good pillow for comfort.

12. Set an alarm:

After completing the above processes, just set the alarm before you prepare yourself for sleep. Using alarms is a good thing when it comes to working management.
A good night’s sleep directly impacts your next morning. If it isn’t good enough, you will feel tired, exhausted, and sleepy even before starting work.
Try to follow the above suggestions and let us know in the feedback!

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12 Essential Things To Do Before Going to Bed For Productive Morning