5 Life Tips To Give To The Teenagers You know

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Teenagers need guidance and life tips from elders to maneuver through life. 

Teenage : A Tricky Ride To Adulthood

Yes, we have civilized, we have crossed milestones in technical developments but life as a teen has never been easy.

No doubt an adult’s life is complicated; they have to manage home,work, loads of responsibilities, bills and debts. But we all know that no phase in our life comes close to being as difficult as our teenage years.

Everything feels unstable and sensitive. This is the phase when we face the first harshness life throws at us – bullying, low self-esteem, heartbreak, anxiety and peer pressure. We come to face the uncertainty associated with change – we are physiologically and emotionally undergoing drastic changes that nobody but us have to handle, all with our naivety.

Here are the few things that make teenage the worst years of our lives, almost like a nightmare:

1. High expectations from oneself and of our parents, relatives and other elder members of our family. As we are gradually preparing to mold ourselves into independently existing individuals, we have to start taking the initial responsibilities of our lives which feels like a sudden jump from complete dependency to look for autonomy.

2. Getting bullied at school,dealing with body shaming because of a number of weird changes that we are going through – might be our attitude, our gait, our mannerisms, our tone, postures or gestures.

3. Hormonal changes which makes us act totally off the grid – making us feel angry at one instance and irritated the other, to sometimes feel overwhelmed with emotions. Our reactions become so unpredictable we almost lose hope on ourselves.

This hormonal rush experienced by a person in their teens is certainly not an easy thing to deal with; emotional outbursts and tempestuous behavior displayed by a teenager should be dealt with enough sensiitivity by parents and other elders. They must be understanding enough because they themselves have gone through the same turbulent phase in their life.

4. Struggling with the internal conflict between the need for dependency and need for autonomy leading to fall outs and misunderstanding with parents.

5. Constant exploration to seek for our true identity is often confusing, as we are learning more about ourselves with each experience life throws at us.

Teenage can certainly be considered as the most important phase of life- it happens to be the time when a person builds himself/herself up and prepares for the next level. The upcoming future- high school, college all of them are significant milestones in a person’s life and one needs to carefully assess and analyse what choices they make, be it the stream they choose, the career they look forward to taking up in the future and other hobbies or interests they are willing to pursue. 

Teenage is the crucial periods in a person’s life before the person attains adulthood and it is, therefore, extremely essential that the person learns from his/her life experiences as a teenager and grow up to be a mature, individual adult who is admired and respected by everyone in society.

Teenagers need solid life tips, for both their present and future because, well, they are teenagers!

Here are 5 tips for teenagers and adolescents that they will surely find useful:

1. Growing up is a journey, not a task that needs to be hurriedly completed.

Some people are in a hurry to grow up.

They want everyone around them- be it their family or friends circle or any other random person, to treat them like adults even before they have attained adulthood.

Often, in their rush to grow up, they forget that childhood and early adolescence should be the time that should be cherished the most by an individual and this phase of life will not come back to them for a second time.

Moreover, as adults, soon they may feel overburdened and exhausted with added duties and responsibilities assigned to them.

Trust me, adulting is no fun. Slow down. 


2. Friends are of both kinds- permanent and temporary.

This is a piece of crucial information that you need to remember your entire life.

During your life span, you will come across a large number of people, of various kinds and get well-acquainted with them. You might become the best of friends with people who have not entered your life right now, and your the bunch of close-guarded school and college friends you have whom you deeply cherish might not even stay in your life, ten years down the line.

The power of love and friendship is immense, and there is no denying that. However, as a strong individual, you must always keep in mind that many people are likely to drift away from you with the passage of time.

And the ones who stay are the ones for keeps.

3. Chalking out your entire life is never a good idea.

You might think it would be a good plan to plan your entire life, map it out in front of yourself, but in reality it not possible for an individual to methodically plan out every single detail, event and achievement for themselves accurately; such is the unpredictable nature of human life.

The best you can do is plan ahead for the conscious choices you make in your life- be it your next level of education, what courses you are going to pursue(then again you might not get into your desired educational institute).

Suppose, you are shifting someplace else with your family in near future. Events like this are opt for being planned ahead, however, they are not 100% effective as well.

Any medical situation, natural calamity might disrupt your plans and you can possibly end up not executing them. The same goes for the intimate connections you make – be it platonic or romantic relationships. There is no guarantee that the person you are dating now is going to be your future partner/spouse, few years down the line.

4. Learn to say no.

The pressure to say “Yes” to everything is understandable, even more so for a teenager.

However, there comes certain instances in life where we must take a stand for ourselves and truly express what we want. Unless we do this, we will not be understood completely by others and might even be misunderstood as a confusing personality.

Voicing your opinions therefore, is very important.

Secondly, saying no is essential in situations where your quality of life is at risk, or when it comes to sexual consent. In these cases, you must be clear on your grounds. Knowing where you stand and letting the other party know the same is extremely important.

5. Know that nothing is permanent.

You teenage life too shall pass!

Throughout the course of life, with the passing of time, things change. Very few things remain the same as life goes on. The way you feel about everything right now in life, as you read this will undergo a complete transformation few years down the line.

Your opinions about events happening around you will change too. Nothing in life remains the same, ironically it is change which remains constant. 

To conclude, teenage is definitely not a smooth ride for most people- many of us deal with self-esteem issues, lack of confidence, peer pressure, and what not during this vital phase.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the common issues that can occur during the teenage phase of a person’s life and take the requisite measures for a happy, healthy life ahead.

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Written by Alecia Bennett

Editor At UnravelBrainPower

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There are people who fall in love and manage to stay in love

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