Top 42 Most Inspiring Angelina Jolie Quotes

Top 42 Most Inspiring Angelina Jolie Quotes

We have collected the Top 42 Most Inspiring Angelina Jolie Quotes.

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1. People always slow down for a train wreck. It’s like junk food. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you want to read crap about other people, like gossip in high school. You don’t understand why it’s there, but somehow it makes a lot of people feel better.

2. If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone perception of me.

3. If you ask people what they’ve always wanted to do, most people haven’t done it. That breaks my heart.

4. We have a responsibility to be aware of others.

5. I’ve realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy.

6. You’d think, ‘what if I make a mistake today, I’ll regret it’. I don’t believe in regret, I feel everything leads us to where we are and we have to just jump forward, mean well, commit and just see what happens.

7. Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold you head up and be proud.

8. People have two sides, a good side and a bad side, a past, a future. We must embrace both in someone we love.

9. If I didn’t have my films as an outlet for all the different sides of me, I would probably be locked up.” -Angelina Jolie

10. Make bold choices and make mistakes. It’s all those things that add up to person you become.

11. Nothing would mean anything if I didn’t life a life of use to others.

12. Be brave, be bold, be free.

13. We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn is. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we’re able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves.

14. It is not where you start out in life that counts the most, it is how you choose to face it.

15. I am a strong believer that without justice, there is no peace. No lasting peace anyway.

16. Everyday we choose who we are by how we define ourselves.

17. Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.

18. I’ve never lived my life in the opinion of others. I believe I’m a good person. I believe I’m a good mom. But that’s for my kids to decide, not for the world.

19. If I think more about death than some other people, it is probably because I love life more than they do.

20. I’m very happy and very excited when my adrenalin is going.

21. I never felt settled or calm. You can’t really commit to life when you feel that.

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it's okay if you don't know what to feel

it’s okay if you don’t know what to feel