11 Benefits Of a Relationship That Made Me a Better Person

11 Benefits Of a Relationship That Made Me a Better Person

The very first need of a relationship in our life is to be together and be happy. It makes us a better version of what we used to be.

Human beings cannot survive like an individual void any more than the other species of animals or birds who live on this planet. We are social beings, and our very first need is a partner, to achieve that very task. It becomes hard to survive on our own for too long. Thus, we rely on social interaction and approval to feel a positive sense of self.

Relationships are essential; relationships with our spouse, parents, children, and colleagues add to how we feel in our everyday world.

Healthy relationships provide good feeling, confidence, well-being, and prosperity. When one is involved in a good relationship, it becomes easy for them to become a better person.
The same happened to me. I’d agree with people when they say relationships help us become a good human being and makes us feel less troubled and more refined.

The ways my relationships made me a better person

1. Made me selfless:

In love, one has to take care of the other. When the other person is sad I had to do things, that would make them happy. Trust me, I never tried such things ever before. When they are sick, I cook dishes for them without knowing much about cooking. I started to sacrifice little things to save much to buy him things. It changed me a lot.

People do change when they are in love. The change is only positive if the love is genuine. I truly want people to fall in love, to experience the feeling of selfless passion for someone. This is highly needed in people’s lives.

2. I tried new things in the name of love:

What phobias do you have?
I did things that I was afraid of. My partner influenced the way I used to think. I always had a phobia of altitudes and was afraid of bold rides. We went to ride parks and experienced them. I learned aquatics and skating. Tried helicopter rides to hover over a city. They made me fearless.
Sometimes it is important to try new things, who knows that would open up a new world for you.
So next time, try things that you are afraid of. You might be able to overcome them, in the name of love.

3. Made me ambitious:

Earlier, I was not so bothered about my future, but now I am.
So what’s changed inside me? Is it the spirit of having a better future for myself? Or for both of us? Something has definitely changed inside of me.

I started to take my career much more seriously than ever before. Did professional courses and took internships on my subjects to polish them up. My partner influenced me so much that I am seen as less partying and more hard-working.
This is such a real change for me.

4. Improved my patience:

I am a less tolerant human being. I used to be very blatant with my speeches and had no sense, how that could affect people. My partnership shaped the outlook. I have become more subtle and tolerant of annoying people.
They made me learn, that life won’t be that clear always, but you have to have the patience to withstand them. Your intolerance will not make you anything better than those irritating people.

5. I have become healthier:

My eating habits were bad and not enough. Always being occupied with work and less caring for myself, yes that was me. My mate made me comprehend the necessity of healthy living and a good lifestyle. If we don’t consume good enough, our outputs will automatically come out poor.
They taught me the importance of exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet.

6. Made me responsible:

With someone in my life, I have learned to take more responsibilities. My decisions have much more ground to them. I fulfill my duties and try to make the best that I can. My partner taught me ways to settle in. I am so grateful, that they are in my life. Can’t acknowledge them enough for what they have transformed me into.

7. Helping others, made us come closer:

Like other couples, we too fight. Whenever there’s a bad situation in our life, we spend those periods helping others and solving other’s problems. We have madly benefitted from this thing.
“The family that prays together stays together”- as they say, is true.
Thus by serving during the distressing times, we stayed close and defeated the storms that swept over us.

8. Made me much more humble:

Being content is the best way we can help ourselves. My partner made me realize how things are worse for some. If they can endure them, why can’t you?
Self-realization made me understand the gravity of their words.
No matter how stressful a situation you are in, no matter how rich you become, you should stay humble. Society doesn’t need a bragger.

9. Reduced my anxiety:

Our relationship helped me become calm and thus reduced my panicking nature. I used to be bothered by every thin line. Their love and trust have made me peaceful and good at heart. No matter what, I now try to stress less on the trouble, and focus more on their solutions.

10. Showed me how to be versatile:

Earlier, I was unfit for some things and situations. I couldn’t act upon them normally. With them in my life, I learned that we have to be like fluids. Taking the shape of the vessel where we will be put in.
Life is unpredictable, but we have to adapt to the nature it demands.

11. I realized how happy I could be:

Being with a person who understands and appreciates me the way I am. Not only loving me but also showing me the correct path of attaining self-love, they made me feel it’s needed. My significant one taught me how beautiful life can be. They taught me how to dream and work hard to chase them.

I feel complete and refined. Relationships are ought to make you feel similar.
Good relationships not only set the picture to make you a more generous person, but the positive feelings which are created also circulate throughout the world around you. Promoting peace and sympathy, a sense of caring, and being cared for.


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11 Benefits Of a Relationship That Made Me a Better Person