10 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills For A Better Relationship

10 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills For A Better Relationship

Effective communication is essential for any relationship to be successful, more so when it comes to a romantic relationship. If you are open and direct about what you want out of the relationship with your partner, they can also let you know about their expectations in the relationship and the two of you can come to a balancing point where both of your requirements are met and you are able to coexist in a comfortable, satisfying relationship.

Even though communication remains as one of the most important factors in order to make a relationship work, for some people, it can be tough. Communication remains a challenging prospect for many couples who struggle to make things work in their relationship because they might feel that the other person might get offended if they are completely transparent about their feelings and what they want in the relationship. This can be detrimental to the relationship in the long run because putting off things can only lead to a lot of things to build up – until, one fine day, you find yourself exploding.

People who are highly introverted as personalities can also feel reticent to discuss their point of view in the relationship and might be merely functioning as passive partners in the relationship. This can lead them to be feeling troubled while being in the relationship. Some couples may even keep vital information from each other, in fear of the relationship being affected. However, it is important that you realize that keeping secrets from each other will only harm your relationship, it will result in the relationship turning into one where you both are not happy with each other at one point.

You might be wanting for a long time to communicate clearly with your partner, but you just don’t know how. The good news, we have a solution for you. Here are 10 simple yet effective communication tips for you in order to make your relationship a better one.

1. Be open about what you want:

Being direct and transparent about your feelings and desires is the best thing that you can do while being in a relationship in order to make things run smoothly. This way, you and your partner will know exactly what you want from each other and your expectations out of the relationship.

2. Create a safe space:

A strong relationship is one where the two partners communicate well with each other and let each other know what’s going on in their mind. However, you might not feel entirely comfortable expressing yourself if you feel like you are not in a safe space. The same goes for your partner. Make sure that you create a safe space for your partner so that he/she can talk to you about literally anything.

3. Embrace your differences:

Two people who are together may have absolutely different personality traits and still be together. The best way to have a romantic partner in your life who is completely different from you as a person is to embrace your differences, accept them rather than have a negative attitude about them.

4. Be a good listener:

Numerous people hurry to express their viewpoints and say things that they want to, but forget to listen to the person on the opposite end. Because they are so busy in their own head, they do not realize that the other person has something to say as well.

5. Don’t make assumptions:

Very often, people do the grave mistake of making assumptions about how their partner might be feeling or what they might be thinking about something. Because of the assumptions that people make, they take decisions that are absolutely wrong and massively impact their relationship in a negative way. How to stop yourself from doing this and sabotaging your entire relationship? Instead of simply making assumptions, approach your partner for their opinion on something, ask them what they think and feel about it.

6. Express yourself if you are not confident about something:

Think about a situation where your partner wants to take a step or a decision and discusses it with you. You don’t feel completely confident about the same. Feel free to express your discomfort and be open to discussion.

7. Discuss with your partner before you take major decisions in your relationship:

This point is especially true if you have joint business ventures or joint financial accounts together. Before making a major business decision or financial transaction, be sure to discuss it with your partner because both of your futures are involved here.

8. Ask questions at the right time:

Timing is everything. When your partner is back home after a hard day at work, it would not be right to start pestering them about issues that can be discussed later too. Make sure that you save your questions for later when the timing is right.

9. Compliment your partner from time to time:

Very often it happens that after the initial honeymoon phase, the spark in the relationship dies and the two of you do not give each other the same attention or care that you used to do earlier. Refrain from this practice. Try complimenting your partner from time to time, even for the small things that they do. This will surely light up their day and make them feel better about themselves.

10. Be optimistic:

Optimism is always a good thing to have, regardless of the situation that you are in. It is important that you remain hopeful and look forward to all situations that you face in life. If you face hurdles in your relationship, think positively that it is just a phase and you will be out of it soon.

Dating is not easy. It takes a lot of work to be in a relationship where you find stability and happiness. Do remember to communicate clearly and effectively- the rest of your journey will be easier than before!


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 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills For A Better Relationship