5 Things You Should Never Say To An Introvert

5 Things You Should Never Say To An Introvert

We come across many different people in our lives, who have different personalities. When it comes to communication and interactions with people, there are broadly three types of personalities that come into play – introvert, extrovert, and ambivert.

Since this article is based on introverts, let us first know who is an introvert? Introverts are generally the ones who are relatively less expressive, less communicative, quieter compared to more extroverted people, and like to keep to themselves from time to time.

Extroverts are those human beings who are generally more communicative, expressive and are easily able to blend into society and adapt to the environment around them. Extroverts are normally considered to be born leaders and have the ability to show direction to people around them.

Then comes the ambiverts. Ambiverts are the people who possess the qualities of both introverts and extroverts – that is, they share these qualities. At certain times, they may act like extroverts, but at other times, they may exhibit behavior patterns similar to that of an introvert.

Among all three, being an introvert is perhaps the most difficult of all because introverts find it quite tough to fit in. More often than not, introverts come with the qualities of an empath, which is why they are good observers and listeners among the crowd, to whom even the most minute details don’t go missing. Introverts socialize less, they talk less with others because they are deep thinkers, pondering upon something or the other.

They often come blessed with creative abilities and are able to fully express themselves through the creative work that they do. Introverts can generally read people well and sense the kind of energy that the person on the opposite end has. This is a gift that most of them are born with and can act as a filter that will allow them to decide whom to interact with.

However, in spite of all the positives, being an introvert is not easy. The extroverted or ambivert people might find it difficult to keep up with an introvert or worse, they might make the introverted person subject to ridicule, making fun of them for their personality trait which is of course, not a conscious choice on their part. One thing that everyone must keep in mind is that no one should be subjected to mockery or humiliation because of who they are.

Here are a few things that you must never say to an introvert:

1. “Don’t be so quiet.”

If anyone points out to you that you are too outspoken and extroverted for their taste, how would that make you feel? Probably not so good. When you point out that somebody has a personality type that is not of your liking, you are insulting them indirectly and making them feel inferior to other people in some way or the other. Being quiet in comparison to others is not something to be pointed out in a derogatory way. An individual may be quiet and observant of others around him or her, and have skills that most others don’t. Being quiet is not a weakness to them, rather a strength.

2. “You are too shy.”

Being an introvert generally comes with the tags of being “way too shy” or “way too reserved” for other people, who want the introverted person to be someone they have envisioned in their mind, someone they would probably feel comfortable to be around. What introverts have to strictly remember here is that they don’t need to go out of their way and behave out of their element just to make other people around them happy. Yes, perhaps it would change their opinion about the person who is an introvert, but is it really worth it? No one should give so much importance to what somebody else thinks of them, instead focus on themselves and building their own life.

3. “What is wrong with you?”

The answer to this is nothing. Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts are fine the way they are, and nobody should try to make them feel guilty for having a personality type that is unique to them.

4. “You must break out of your shell.”

Hello, no one, not even introverts comes equipped with any protective shell around them. So, there is no question of breaking out of a shell. However, introverts might like to keep to themselves occasionally, and that’s totally fine. No one should force them to become somebody they are not.

Introverts are often barraged by extroverts, who tell then change their personality type. They are constantly criticized for being quiet, less sociable, and more thoughtful. Remember, each and every one of us is unique, blessed with unique traits and characteristics. No one has to emulate someone in order to please other people. It’s absolutely alright to be yourself, the way you are.

5. “Why don’t you talk more?”

It is an individual’s choice to speak more, less, or not speak at all. An introvert naturally speaks less and is a good listener. Forcing them to talk more is a useless pursuit because nothing good comes out of force.

Making introverts do things that they don’t want to do, forcefully is a plain wrong practice. You are exploiting the fact that the person is an introvert in the first place and making them do things that they don’t really want to. Unethical practices like these should be barred at all times.
To conclude, introverts possess many qualities that make them stand out and give them the ability to shine in certain fields in life. Extroverts and ambiverts possess other qualities that make them qualified for some other areas in life. So, we must learn to live and let live.


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5 Things You Should Never Say To An Introvert