13 All-time Favorite Hobbies for Introverts

13 All-time Favorite Hobbies for Introverts
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Being an introvert is a real thing. It’s a misconception by people that introverts are of shy and mysterious nature. The difference being, they just don’t ask out for help like the extroverts.
It is believed and proved that introverts have a better focus on things than extroverted ones.
Most of the brilliant people of all time, including, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elon Musk, Emma Watson, J.K.Rowling, Meryl Streep, Warren Buffet are introverts.
They have their way of thinking and love to do things on their own. You won’t find them partying late at night, rather they would prefer to watch a movie with some popcorn and chips.
Introverts often find it hard to think of hobbies that fit within their personality and needs.

If you are an introvert and are spending the whole week in your room with curtains on, you might be doing something wrong. This isn’t what you should do.

We have listed some of the favorite hobbies that you can invest time in.
So come one, off your curtains, and note down the following suggestions.

Hobbies for Introverts could be-

1. Reading:

Reading books, magazines, newspapers is itself a great hobby. If you are feeling bored at home and just have some books near you, then bang, grab them, and start reading. Reading enhances our vocabulary and helps us learn new characters. Newspaper reading is a great idea if you don’t like the news channel’s dramas. You will get so much information from around the globe and can use them to your advantage.

These days the most valuable thing is data. If you gather data from reading different journals and magazines, you can gain so much more knowledge than the people who buzz around.

6.Creative Writing:

Creative writing includes so many niches. Most introverts don’t talk about themselves with anyone. Thus they don’t share any information about their thoughts. Writing them down is a great way to pour down your feelings into something. All human beings need some connection and a place to put their senses into. Your diary can be your best friend indeed.

7. Photography:

Well, it has become a trend nowadays to picture something and post them on social media. Clicking awesome pictures can be a great way of turning your passion into a profession. Post them on Instagram and watch your followers grow. No, you don’t have to own a DSLR for photography, a phone with a decent camera will do. There are so many photography courses available on the internet (both free and paid).

8. Blogging and Vlogging:

If you are good at anything, blog them down on your website or other’s websites. It could be writing, painting, photos, illustrations, videos, fashion, and many more. It gives you a way of publishing your knowledge to the outer world, without anyone’s interference.
Travel places alone and start vlogging and posting them on YouTube. One of the best hobbies preferred by introverts which allows them to learn as well as earn.

9. Outdoor activities:

Go for hiking, traveling alone, swimming, fishing, boating, riding, and many more fun activities that don’t require a partner. You can enjoy being alone and have breathtaking adventures.

9. Cooking or Baking:

If you have a passion for cooking and baking you can try them out. Learn new recipes and cook them in your style.
Who knows you might end up being a great chef or open a bakery.
Sounds amazing right!
Note them down.

10. Painting:

Play with colors and expose your imagination in the form of painting. You might be a beginner or know nothing of paintings and drawings. But you can opt for online classes and learn new techniques for drawing. Go for portrait sketching or illustration. It has come into trends these days. Even many companies are looking for good illustrators for their websites and banners. So just dip into it!

11. Netflix and chill:

No one has to be explained what it is. In your free time, you can have Netflix and some salted popcorns. This is a great way of spending time with yourself. Watch foreign movies with subtitles. It would enable you to know more languages. Hanging out with oneself is so important.
Entertainment is good when you feel alone and have nothing to do productive.

12. Learning new languages online:

Learning new languages is important if you want to have a specific course from a foreign college. Some colleges give preference to students to knows their native language. And also if you are interested to study linguistics, online courses can be helpful.

Written by Alecia Bennett

I hold a master's degree with a clinical psychology specialization. Currently pursuing school counseling courses. I have attended various programs related to mental health issues. A person who takes a keen interest in writing anything about the human mind and behavior.

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