The Dark Side of Zodiac Signs: Which one are you?

The Dark Side of Zodiac Signs: Which one are you?

As we all know, nothing in the world is all black and white – almost everything we encounter in our life has a dark side, and we humans are no exception to this rule – we all are shades of gray. It is imperative that we be gray – because our lives and the events that occur in our lives cannot be classified as simple or monochromatic in any way – it is always gray and never completely black and white. When it comes to the different astrological signs or the different zodiac signs in astrology, it is also quite normal for all zodiac signs to have their own dark sides. After all, we all have our own issues that we deal with and very often, our negative personality traits can be traced back to our zodiac signs or our sun signs.

Each zodiac sign in astrology have their own dark sides – let us have a look at each of these:


The first zodiac sign in astrology, Aries is known for being the zodiac sign that resembles a fresh start, new beginnings, and does not fear to initiate something when they are truly interested to begin something new. The dark side of this fiery zodiac sign is not quite dark – the only things that they gain a certain amount of notoriety for are their sudden, impulsive streaks, being overly-anxious or impatient when it comes to making decisions, and their immaturity and childishness at times – occasionally an Aries may project childish attitude or behavior towards others. Some might even call this silly behavior.


The first earth sign of the zodiac, while Taurus is determined and headstrong as an individual, it has several negative sides as well. These include stubbornness when it comes to any matter, making a decision, and being overly controlling and possessive as a partner while being in a romantic relationship with someone. Taurus people can also be extremely inflexible and can have a sanctimonious attitude at times which will bring problems and disharmony in their professional, social, and personal relationships. They might appear to be rather vain at times as well, due to their excessive materialistic desires and self-indulgence.


Gemini people are funny, flirty, hilarious at times – but their dark side is rather dangerous since they can be quite two-faced at times, especially when it is convenient for them. Gemini people have a dual personality, and their hobbies and interests cover a wide range of activities. Gemini people can go on talking or blabbering for a long time, without giving the person on the other end of the conversation any opportunity to speak or express themselves. They might even come across as cocky or arrogant at times, (even though they are actually not).


Cancerians are one of the most sensitive people of the zodiac, being water signs. They might come across as shy, timid, or reserved and might occasionally rub off people the wrong way. This is likely to backfire on them, especially if the person on the other end is an acquaintance, a colleague, or a superior at work. Cancer people are also well known for their mood swings and can get overly emotional on certain matters. It is easy to piss off a Cancer, and you are likely to witness gloomy, depressive moods for days, even weeks that follow.


The fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo stands for royalty, passion and doing everything on a large, grander scale. While standing tall as a confident and assertive persona, a Leo can seem to be quite charming on the surface but beware, they might use this charm to manipulate others and get what they want. They are also known to be exceedingly attention-seeking, condescending, and even vain at times. This cocky attitude and superiority complex can prove to be a problem for fiery Leo in their personal lives as well as their professional spheres, even though they might be the king in their very own eyes.