The Biggest Weakness Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Biggest Weakness Of Each Zodiac Sign

We all have our weak points, and try our best to overcome these weaknesses by highlighting our strengths. Depending on your zodiac sign, you may have certain weaknesses, some of which you may not even be aware of. It is good to have knowledge of the areas in which you may falter and be aware of your own weak points.

Below described are the biggest weaknesses of each zodiac sign, starting from Aries and ending in Pisces.

1. Aries

An Aries individual holds a good amount of notoriety due to their childish behavior (makes sense as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac) and immaturity when it comes to dealing with situations. The overly dominant and impulsive streak of Aries will also give rise to problems in their interpersonal relationships. The self-centered nature of Aries will lead them to feel insecure about themselves and making unhealthy comparisons with others will further make the situation worse. An Aries can also be hot-tempered from time to time and throw temper tantrums – it is certainly not a pretty sight.

2. Taurus

Taureans can often come across as stubborn in their beliefs and ideals, unable to bulge from them and be flexible. A Taurus is typically materialistic in their set of beliefs, which inevitably leads to self-indulgent behavior from time to time. They can also be lazy couch potatoes and who sometimes look for ways to get their work done by others.

3. Gemini

Much like their archetype, Geminis are often two-faced creatures in terms of their behavior. This makes them unreliable both as friends and as professional people. Geminis have a habit of gossiping about everyone behind their back, and once they start talking, it is difficult for them to stop, regardless of the social situation they are in at the moment.

4. Cancer

Being the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancers are known to be overly sentimental as well as hypersensitive. They are clingy – not only with people but when it comes to holding on to unrealistic expectations from life. People close to Cancerians might find them toxic and needy in extreme cases as well.

5. Leo

The desperate need for attention of the Leos can often make them susceptible to flattery, which leads to them being taken advantage of. The self-centered nature of Leos makes them come across as arrogant to other people. All they want is other people to please them and keep up with their demands. Some people even consider Leos as too stubborn and overly domineering personalities.

6. Virgo

The biggest problem of Virgos is that they are too critical of themselves, being the perfectionists that they are. Talk about passive-aggressive tactics to control people and situations – no one can do it better than a Virgo. Apart from being control freaks, they are also cleaning freaks, keeping things neat and tidy and completely germ-free is something they will go the extra mile for. Being analytical thinkers, Virgos will pay extra attention to detail for everything they do and might even become obsessed in an unhealthy manner.

7. Libra

Well-known as the peacemakers of the zodiac, Libras are experts in creating fake scenarios, making everything appear fine when it really isn’t. Libras may go out of their way to please everyone, which will lead them to be completely exhausted and lacking the energy to do anything else.

8. Scorpio

The emotional intensity of a Scorpio can act as a double-edged sword – this can prove to be their biggest strength as well as their biggest weakness. When hurt by someone, a Scorpio can go into a fit of anger and resentment – usually, they are pros at bottling up these negative feelings and will explode all of a sudden, without warning. They are also prone to feelings of jealousy at other people’s happiness or success which does their health a lot of harm.

9. Sagittarius

The last fire sign of the zodiac is notorious for having a mouth that has no filters – they are blunt to a fault and this brutal honesty is something that can invite trouble for them. They are reckless individuals who provide little importance to advice that others may give them for their own good.

10. Capricorn

Being a born leader, a Capricorn is unable to relax until you hand over the reins to them – in other words, give them complete control. The workaholic nature of Capricorn might often lead them to be overworked and completely deprived of energy as well. Their choice of words and sense of humor might come across as insensitive to many.

11. Aquarius

The non-conformists of the zodiac, Aquarians might sometimes come across as too unconventional. Their wacky sense of humor might not sit well with others at times. They also have a reputation for being emotionally aloof and uncaring so it takes a lot of time for them to get settled into a serious, lasting relationship.

12. Pisces

The dreamy nature of Pisces can pose problems for them when they start having unrealistic expectations out of life. The kind heart of Pisces can make them vulnerable to deceptions and manipulations of other people. They are also empaths, which means that they soak in the feelings of people around them like a sponge – this includes the good and the bad.

There you go! The above discussed are the biggest weaknesses of each and every sign in the zodiac, so you can refer to yours and catch warning signs if any. Work on yourself in order to make yourself better constantly. Take steps to become a better and stronger person every day.


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The Biggest Weakness Of Each Zodiac Sign