8 Dating Tips for Single Parents

8 Dating Tips for Single Parents

Dating is not easy, more so when it comes to single parents who are dating or want to date. There is no right age when it comes to finding love or finding the right partner for yourself. If you are a single parent, chances are that you may already be feeling overburdened with parenthood and are questioning whether you want to add more responsibilities on your shoulders with love life. You might be thinking of the very obvious outcome once you start dating – you have to balance your love life and family life with your children. You may even feel an innate fear of family drama happening if you start being in a relationship with someone.

However, we have some good news for you – it is not necessary for conflicts to occur if you are a single parent who is in a relationship with someone. Do not be afraid of your child feeling resentment towards you, don’t feel guilty either – you deserve to be happy with a partner, be it as a single parent who has gone through a divorce/separation earlier. If you are in a relationship as a single parent, it is even quite likely that your child learns a lot about how to maintain stable relationships in their lives as well.

Being in a relationship is no easy task, being a single parent it can be even more tough dealing with your children, household, work as well.

We bring to you 8 dating tips that will definitely help you as a single parent.

1. Be clear about what you want:

Clarity is one of the most important factors in a relationship, where both partners are able to clearly express what they want out of the relationship. Clear and direct communication is essential in order to attain the aforementioned clarity with your partner.

2. Date someone your child can look up to:

Make sure that you choose a partner who can act as a role model for your child. You are no longer in the “teen love” phase where your partner may not have been a socially acceptable figure. You are functioning as a single parent to your child now and have to keep in mind, your child will look up to you in his/her formative years and will emulate your actions and life choices. Therefore, choose wisely.

3. Take responsibility:

As a single parent, you have to be mature enough to take responsibility for the complete well-being of your child as well as yourself. This means that you have to keep in mind to never put your child or yourself at risk in any situation whatsoever. Being in a relationship as a single parent is certainly all about taking responsibility and time management.

4. Be a good listener:

Very often it happens that while trying to express ourselves and saying all that we want to say, we forget to listen to the person on the opposite end even for a moment. The key to having a long-lasting, successful relationship with someone is being a good listener first.

5. Do the necessary background check:

Meeting new people can certainly seem to be an interesting prospect, however, you have to remain careful for your own safety. If you are meeting someone from a dating app, make sure that you do the necessary background check on them on social media. Check out their profiles on social media, what content they have posted and who they hang out with. You will also find out on social media about their present relationship status and verify the statements they have made on dating apps.

6. Don’t neglect your child for your partner:

Your child is always your first priority, no matter what, because you are his/her primary caregiver. While being in a relationship, you have to keep in mind that your child requires a certain time of the day in your company. Do not deprive your child of what he/she deserves the most while growing up: YOU. Learn to manage time efficiently and be a successful single parent who is also in a relationship.

7. Create space between your child and your dating life:

It is important to have your own life outside your family (primarily involving your child), household chores, and responsibilities at work. You should ideally find rejuvenation in recreational activities, spending time with friends, and pursuing hobbies that you are passionate about. When you meet someone new, make sure that you are able to have conversations with them that not only involve your child but range in a wide variety of topics as well.

8. Spend time with yourself:

In order to make your partner understand you and build a happy and harmonious relationship with him/her, first of all, you have to understand yourself. Spend time in your own company, doing things that you love most in order to understand yourself. Self-love is the first step that you must take-this will eventually lead you to a state where you are able to manifest love out of everyone in your life.

Dating tips are simply a few recommended ways in which you can make your relationships work in a healthier and more wholesome manner. As a single parent, you have to identify the areas in your life and relationships that need improvement and work on them sincerely. We hope these tips help!

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8 Dating Tips for Single Parents