11 Signs You Are Falling In Love With Him

11 Signs You Are Falling In Love With Him

Nothing in the world can be more beautiful than the feeling of falling in love, but how do you know in the first place that you are falling in love? Being in love means letting go of yourself up to a certain extent and embracing the feeling of adventure and delving deep into the unknown. When you are in love, it is a truly incredible feeling and indeed, nothing can be better than letting things happen at their own pace, organically.

Love is like a journey that never ends, and provides you with numerous adventures, and gives you so many memories. What makes you realize that you are falling in love with a guy that you like? We bring to you a few sure-shot signs which indicate that you are falling in love with the man of your dreams.

1. You feel cheerful whenever you are around him: Being around him gives you a sense of peace and happiness like no other, and even you don’t understand why you feel this way particularly when you are in physical proximity with him and spending time with him.

2. The prospect of seeing him makes you excited: The vibes that you get from him feel extremely positive, and whenever you get some time off, you may find yourself eager to meet him. In case you do make plans, you find yourself in an exciting space, because you don’t have to make grand plans, do something that is outside the box, or even do something special in order to impress him or have a good time with him. Being with him is effortlessly easy, and you wonder how the time just passes with the two of you just having fun.

3. You are REALLY attracted to him: You are unable to resist staring at him from time to time, or just gazing at his face involuntarily because you find him so very handsome – the features that he has are really attractive in your eyes. As it has been rightly saying, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

4. You miss him often: The two of you may have spent a considerable amount of time together, but soon enough after your last meetup, you find that you miss him – and this happens to be a repetitive process. This makes you realize that you have grown a soft corner for him in your heart.

5. You like exploring new things in his company: Whenever you two are together or even cross paths during unexpected moments – you find yourself on the brink of a new adventure that is about to unfurl, every single time. Exploring the unknown with a partner who is equally adventurous is truly a blessing!

6. You can be yourself when you are around him: There is no greater gift than finding a person who lets you be completely yourself when you are around them. It is a wonderful feeling to find someone in whose company you find yourself being in your own element and not forcing yourself to be somebody who you are not, simply because you want to please other people. Being true to your authentic self is something that you should always do, no matter what, and finding a partner who supports you is awesome!

7. He makes you laugh: It’s always good to be in the company of a person who has a great sense of humor and makes you laugh from time to time. This will promote the release of happy hormones, and we all need to loosen up from time to time, away from the stress of work, and the duties and responsibilities of our everyday lives.

8. You feel rejuvenated in his company: Finding someone who makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated is a great thing. If a person has a spiritual connection with you, with whom you are connected beyond the physical, you will feel a great sense of mental satisfaction in his company.

9. You are able to trust him: Trust is one of the must-haves when it comes to the person with whom you are in a romantic relationship. When you are able to trust the man whom you are with, you will feel the love growing between you gradually.

10. You feel like you have a future together: It is when you are able to envision a future together, you will be able to surrender yourself in the arms of a person with whom you are hoping to build a life.

11. You want to be in a relationship with him: In case the two of you are not in a relationship at the present moment, and haven’t yet made it “official”, you do feel deep within that this is the person whom you want to be with. If you find him reciprocating your advances, it is high time that you pop the question to him.

Falling in love is always a special feeling, and when you find the man of your dreams, you will quite naturally, find yourself being drawn towards him. Love is something that does not look for the right time or take into consideration any other factor when that special person enters your life. We wish you all the luck and happiness that comes with happy love life!

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11 Signs You Are Falling In Love With Him