First Date Tips : Everything You Need To Know To Have a Successful First Date

First Date Tips : Everything You Need To Know To Have a Successful First Date

People started dating and meeting again just like you. Restaurants and other places are started opening and definitely, this is a good time to go for the first date with your crush. In this article, we cover almost everything that will help you to get ready and confident on your first date.

The following points we will cover in this article

When you should go on your first date

How long should you wait to go on a first date?  This question will naturally come to our minds. So my advice is, It depends on how much you are interested in that person. Some relationship experts say that it is better to meet up as soon as possible. You can take 2-7 days to know each other before going on the first date. These days are enough to know the person and you will have little bit idea about what kind of person they are because safety is an also an important thing that you should keep in mind.

First-Date outfits ideas and tips

Now you have decided to go for the date but can’t decide what to wear on the first date that will make a good impression on that person. You should know what should you not wear on a first date and what should.

Here are some of our tips for girls

  • A cool vintage tee with high waisted jeans
  • Mini dress with your favorite sneakers
  • Try to be in a natural look ( some man love this )
  • Try matching Jewelry that fits with your dress
  • A comfortable bell-bottom with a nice shirt
  • A nice accordion-pleated skirt with a ruffle top

Dress that you should avoid on your first date ( For girls,)

  • Baggy clothes outfit
  • Never overdress to impress
  • Don’t try new fashion or style you have never done before
  • Never ever wear gym clothes and track pants on your planned first date

Here are some of our tips for guys

  • Think about the girl, what kind of cloth she might like
  • Choose a dress according to the plan and place
  • OCBD shirts with ( Oxford Shirts )
  • Casual t-shirt and a plaid jacket
  • Button up shirt with a denim jacket
  • Button-up shirt with denim jeans
  • Polo shirt jeans and sneakers
  • Henley shirt with chinos

Dress that you should avoid on your first date ( For guys)

  • Baggy jeans
  • Hoodies
  • Ties
  • Busy Patterns
  • Undershirt
  • No sunglass for an indoor date
  • Too tight pants

I hope these tips will help you and give you an answer about what should wear on your first date or what type of dresses and style you should avoid.

Things that you should keep in mind

Here are the top 6 things that you should keep in mind on your first date

1. Just Be Yourself

Take a deep breath and just go for it. This might be your first date but not last. Just have fun and talk like you do. Don’t try to be someone else to impress that person on your first date. Authenticity is really matters when you meet new people.

2. Be honest

We say and show some things that we are not. Just be honest. Let know the other person about yourself is she/he interested to know you. Just tell the truth about your work, habits, and lifestyle. This will help you to make a transparent date which might be good for the long term. you may find someone who actually loves you for being yourself.

3. Be active listener

Let her/him feel like you are interested in the person by listening to his/her words. We all want someone who listens to us when we share things with them.

4. Don’t ignore red flags

I understand you like the person that is why you want to go on date but remembers not to ignore the red flags while dating. Meeting on the first date is a gateway to let people in your life and ignoring red flags can be harmful to your mental peace in the future. Check a person’s behavior, words and actions. Way of interaction with you and with others.

5. Don’t forget to draw personal boundaries

Maintaining personal boundaries from day one can be beneficial for your date. Don’t allow them to cross that healthy boundary. You know better what’s are your personal boundaries and how to maintain them on your first date.

6. Check Vibes

When we meet someone for the first time, we might feel the vibes when we around them. If you feel unsafe then don’t go further or if you feel like fun so be it.

Best first date ideas

So you have to decide to go on a first date, decide the outfits for the date and what things that you should keep in mind while dating. Now let discuss the first date ideas and plans. Where you can go to have a great first date. What you can do together to have fun on the date day.

Here are 6 First date and ideas and plans

  1. Go for dinner ( or discover a new restaurant together ): This is a classic but good idea to talk, eat and know about each other. Find a place where you both can have a good conversation while having your favorite dishes.
  2.  Go for a couple of coffee or breakfast: You may don’t have that much time to go for dinner but you may have time for breakfast or a couple of coffee. This date idea is the same as a dinner date, It all about conversation and knowing each other no matter where you both are.
  3. Movie:  You can go the watching movie together. If you can’t go or don’t want to go to the movie theaters then you can watch it together at home. Just check Netflix and find a movie that you both like to watch.
  4. Go for a run or walk side by side: This will be a great date plan idea that will help you to explore new places and have a great chat. You can go for walk in nature or somewhere where you both can talk. try to avoid busy and noisy places.
  5. Library or bookstore:  There are a lot of people who like to meet in the library or at the bookstore. It because they might be a book lover or introverted people. You can try this idea that your first date if they are interested too then.
  6. Bike riding or cycling: You can explore new places, can watch sunrise or sunset together at someplace, You may find a restaurant. you never know but this might be fun for both of you.
  7. Go on a picnic:  Grab a blanket and some snacks then go to your favorite park or somewhere in nature.
  8. Go to an art gallery: You might be dating artists or an art lover. You just have to find out if they like to visit an art gallery. If yes, then for it.
  9. Comedy shows: You both can laugh together by booking and visiting a laughing club. Just google it, select the club and go laugh together
  10. Games:  You both can play games on your first date. That game might a video game where you both can be a partner to fight against your enemy or you can have friendly rivalry game. That will be fun!

Additional tips if you looking for interesting and fun date night ideas at home

How to start a conversation on the first date

We have listed some questions that you can ask them about themselves and some topics that you both can discuss to have a great conversation on your first date.

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Here are first date conversation starters to try

  • You both can share basic things like talk about where you’re from, Your childhood happy memories.
  • Your hobbies. You can share both bad and good habits. That will give them a good idea of your lifestyle.
  • About their talents
  • Travel stories you have. must be funny because you are here for fun not for serious talk.
  • Favorite Things and people like music, actor, movie, dish and more to know each other better
  • Talk About Food

Don’t forget to pay attention when they talk. Be an active listener.

What should you not do on a first date?

You know how to dress for a first date, what to do on a date, and some date ideas but do you know what should you not do on a first date? Here are few things that you should keep in mind and not do on your first date.

  • Being late on your first date:  The first thing you should not do is to be late. Be there earlier or on time but not late.
  • Just don’t be rude to staff: You might date at a restaurant or a place where some staff will take your order. Be kind and humble with them. ask politely and gently. remember, the first impression is the last impression.
  • Try to avoid constantly checking your phone: If you are on a date, try to make a good conversation by listening to them. by talking to them. Just don’t busy with your phone. we all appreciate attention while talking.
  • Don’t talk about your past love or about your EX: Do you think talking about your exes is the best thing to do on the first date? Nah.. definitely not. Talking about your ex can give them an idea that you are not over yet with your ex. That’s not impressive for the first date.

Is it OK to kiss on the first date?

Yes!! why not. This will be a great sign that will show you are interested. But if you met them on some dating app or doing online dating then don’t go for this unless you know each other well.

How do you know if a date went well?

  • You guys spent more time together than expected.
  • You both were equally part of the conversation.
  • The eye contact. ( Eyes speak louder than words ).
  • You both avoided constantly checking your phones.
  • Rarely felt nervous or anxious.
  • You both shared your first date experience with your friends.
  • Walked together toward your car or train stations.
  • You were interested to meet again soon.

I hope these tips will help you to have a great first date and you don’t have to worry about what to do on a first date or what not to do on your first date.

Let us know your feedback about this article in the comment section.

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First Date Tips : Everything You Need To Know To Have a Successful First Date
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