6 Signs a Guy Wants You To Chase Him

6 Signs a Guy Wants You To Chase Him

The fact that women attract and men chase, is stuffed in human minds for ages.
There is nothing that a woman can’t do. From being the president, industrialists, CEOs, entrepreneurs to a Rocket scientist.

Women have now become the fast runners in the Universe
Despite being so successful, women still haven’t been able to take the first lead in one thing called “dating”!

Though, it is perfectly alright to chase men.
Even chasing a man is simply done to incite a man’s curious nature, finally leading him to ask her out.
You might have been interpreting wrong notions about someone and finally, end up being rejected.

But who wants to get rejected?
So, here we bring you the signs a guy wants you to chase him badly. That would help you to take the big step.

Some guys are awfully shy. They might like you but won’t express anything out of shyness.
So to convert this liking to the next level, it’s you who have to take the initiative of chasing him.
It’s good to let them know that you are interested. Maybe you want him to ask first but can’t.

The signs that you could follow to know if the boy wants you to chase him.
We have penned them down.

Signs a guy wants you to chase him could be

Here are top 6 signs he wants you to chase him

1. The looking:

The eyes speak more. It is a wonderful way of expressing feelings for someone. If a guy looks at you with an intense look, don’t overlook them. If you are looking good, you can guess it from someone’s eyes, who is pretty interested in you.
Have closer eye contact with him. Anywhere he moves, his eyes lay firm at you. If you want to chase the boy, make sure you follow.

If he tries to hide his staring, ask your friends to keep a close look when he checks you out.

2. The touch:

Someone who likes us will try to touch us by chance. Make sure those are good touchings. If it is a subtle touch, there’s no doubt that he likes you but because of being shy, he isn’t able to say anything. Maybe he wants you to understand on your own.
With such a diverse world, the people thriving are different too.
We have to check throughout the actions the boy takes.

Is he putting his arm around you? Giving you shoulder strokes?
You might find both coming close while talking.
Do you love to sit closer to him on a couch having plenty of space left?

Does his touch make you happy?
Then definitely the guy is asking you to come closer.

3. Body language:

The physical language says it all: Guys express a lot of their desires through physical communications. While standing, sitting, laughing, and other actions you can spot if the guy has eyes for you. Corporal expressions never lie.
If you like someone, your outlook would be different towards that man. However hideous you might be, you can’t hide everything neatly.
Watch them carefully, you might get your sign.

4. The boy is happy to see you:

If a shy guy is too interested in you but unable to chase you, he would stop and wait for you to make a move. The hints about his intentions would be quite noticeable.
He would compliment you on things like “you look good” to soothe you.
Might exchange romantic looks sometimes.
He would tell you how he feels when you are together.
Some guys often confront their feelings, so they love to play hide-n-seek with their words.
They would say, “ I was thinking of dating someone from our friend circle who I really like a lot”- ahem, be sure to catch the signs.

5. Time and attention:

Boys love to devote their time to the ones they like. If you’re unsure of his feelings, make sure to check out the amount of attention he gives you or the amount of quality time he spends with you.
It’s quite natural for a human to invest more in places we are interested in. The same goes for a guy who’s crushing on you.
You can always count on him to hangout. Whenever you text him, he replies to you instantly.
He loves to spend more quality time with you than any other friend.
Gives you his shoulder, when you’re upset or need a backup.
What more signs are you waiting for?
Thus you can confidently chase him, as you know that he likes you for sure.

6. Go with your gut:

Sometimes even after knowing that the boy wants you to chase him, we don’t. For a variety of reasons we second-guess or live in denial.
If your gut feeling tells you that the guy finds you very attractive, you are most probably right. With that comes a gut feeling that you would be pretty much successful in chasing him. Don’t stress or over-think, just follow your heart.

The above signs would help you know if a guy wants you to chase him.
But how you do that, depends completely on you.
Moving forward is a good sign.

We are hopeful that you might get your desired results.


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6 Signs a Guy Wants You To Chase Him