What To Do When You Are Ghosted In A Relationship

What To Do When You Are Ghosted In A Relationship

What is ghosting? What is ghosted meaning in a relationship? What is the impact on somebody when they are ghosted in a relationship?
Ghosting is probably one of the worst things somebody can do to their partner in a relationship. Ghosting is pretty common when it comes to friends and acquaintances too.

Ghosting commonly refers to a situation where you are all of a sudden abandoned by known people, people who are very close to you without receiving any kind of explanation for the same. It is a cruel treatment done by certain individuals to people who have come close to them for a certain definitive period of time – to suddenly leave them all alone, out in the cold. When you are the one who has been ghosted, it can be a painful and disappointing feeling, no doubt. It can be even more traumatizing to have your partner as the person who has ghosted you, after spending moments of love and solace with you.

You will naturally be left in the dark regarding why your partner has ghosted you, especially when chances are that they will never contact you again. You will quite obviously, be wondering and left confused about why your partner is not calling or texting you anymore, why they don’t want to see or hear from you anymore, ever in their life again. You will be unable to decipher why they are acting the way they are, literally seeing through you and pretending as if you don’t exist. Cutting off someone from one’s life for good is true, a drastic step to take.

In the present generation of social media, it is a common practice on the part of many people to break up with their partner via a simple text, on social media platforms or maybe by ghosting them and out of the blue, leaving them all alone.

If you are someone who has been ghosted in your relationship, you will most probably go through a lot of mental anguish and torment, since you do not get to hear from someone who has left you forever and does not want to be in contact with you anymore. But keep in mind, sooner or later, you have to let go of the hurt and disappointment regarding the fact that someone has ghosted you.
When someone has ghosted you, they have proved to you that they are individuals with low moral values and they do not possess even the basic decency to admit to you that they do not want to be in a relationship with you anymore. These are people who simply want to get rid of you from their life, and they have done exactly that by ghosting you. It is imperative that you let these people go as well, as they will not do you any good.

Here’s what you can do when you have been ghosted by someone in a relationship:

1. Seek out an explanation:

Everybody deserves closure, and when someone ghosts you, your first instinct is to call them, text them or try to contact them in any way possible in order to know why they did what they did in the first place. It is the only logical step, and you lose nothing if you take this step. Getting the closure that you deserve will only happen if you are able to get in touch with your partner and receive an explanation as to why they have ghosted you.

2. Do not expect anything:

If they have left you, they have left for a reason, right? When someone who was in a relationship with you has ghosted you, they are probably the last person from whom you should expect anything, anything at all.

3. Do not wait for them to come back:

Many people make the mistake of not letting go and living life with the expectation that the person they were in a relationship with (who also happens to be the one who has ghosted them) might come back to them and be in their life at some point of time or other. These thoughts that they have been doing more harm than good. If you are someone who has been ghosted in your relationship, you should not think of them coming back at any point in time, because our expectations are the ones that hurt us deeply.

4. Avoid stalking them on social media:

When someone has left you without an explanation, you might be tempted to check out their latest activities on social media. Do not do this, as this will cause you even more pain and anguish. Most probably they have removed you from their life and moved on, without even thinking twice. So, the best thing to do here would be to stay away from the social media handles of people like them.

5. Accept that they have left you:

The person who has left you without providing an explanation has only proven their own cowardice through their action. The best way you can find mental peace in this situation is to accept that they are gone from your life, possibly for good. Acceptance is peace.

6. Gradually move on from them:

With the passage of time, it would be good if you move on from your past and start living in the present. Hang out with your friends, spend more time with your family, do activities that you like doing. Moving on is never easy, and when you are finally able to move on, you realize how strong you are as a person.

Being ghosted in a relationship is an unfortunate occurrence, something no one ever has to face. However, if you do find yourself on the receiving end of this, it will take some time on your part to recover from this, We hope the above tips help you!


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What To Do When You Are Ghosted In A Relationship