How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You? Here Are 6 Ways

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

So, a dude ghosted you and you are feeling “down in the dumps” and inconsolable AF? Are you deeply regretting the fact that you were associated with him in the first place? Well, we have a question for you – have you ever wondered how to make a guy regret ghosting you?

There are a few things you can do to make a guy regret leaving you. This article is all about how to make him regret ignoring you in the first place. It is ultimately your choice to remain immersed in the gloom of depression and sadness for a long time, or make a bold and strong stance and make him regret losing you.

We are here to elaborate on all the steps for you to bounce back after being ghosted by someone and get back on track. When he ghosts you and comes back, make sure that he is regretful of his actions, and after that, you can take a decision on the final course of actions that are to be followed, and whether you want him back in your life or out of your life for good. In this article, we have mentioned some ways on how to deal with ghosting.

10 tips on how to make a guy regret ghosting you

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1. Choose yourself first

It’s your life – your happiness should be your first and foremost priority. Choose yourself in all situations because you are all you got, above everything else. Accept the fact that someone very dear to you has ghosted you, abandoned you, and have no room for you in their life – they are not contacting you nor responding to your attempts to contact them. Remember that if they wanted to they would get back to you and communicate with you – no one is busy 24 x 7 and is capable of sparing some time for their near and dear ones.
Prioritize on your own well-being and your own happiness – and you bear the sole responsibility of making yourself happy. Take yourself out on self-dates, have good food, take care of yourself in all ways possible. Remember, you are a limited edition.

2. Block him out of your life

Numerous people ask this question: “Should I text a guy who ghosted me?” Not at all! Block him on the phone, all kinds of social media platforms, and let go of the urge to contact him on your own – you do not want to portray yourself as desperate or hungry for attention. When he realizes you blocked him, he will feel dismayed or even hurt. No doubt, when you cut him off he will miss you and will regret leaving you in the first place.

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Do ghosters come back? When you block the person who has ghosted you, they will feel a certain level of guilt for ghosting you, and chances are high that they will come back to you after this.

3. Seek out better connections

Review the kind of relationship or dynamic that you shared with the person who has ghosted you. Do you feel that your relationship with him was toxic in many ways and you did not receive the happiness that you deserved? Delve deep into the matter, look within yourself and ask yourself how do you really feel about the entire situation.

Chances are that the person you were with was toxic and a hindrance to your growth in many ways. Focus on building better and healthier connections with people who will help you grow and improve yourself as a human being. This way, you will be able to move on from your past connection faster and have a good time with the new people you are meeting.

4. Focus on building your career

Focus on building your career
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Money matters and as long as you have money, you can get yourself a lot of things that many others can’t. Focus on your building a stable and successful career and growing your career in as many ways as possible.
Interact more with people at your workplace and develop a strong, positive rapport with them. You will derive two benefits out of this: you will have a better understanding with your coworkers and be more productive at your workplace, and you will develop lasting friendships that will remain in your life for long. Working is a good way to keep yourself distracted from the heartache as well.

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5. Play the psychology card

Use social media as a tool for making your comeback. Post happy pictures, outings with friends, and happy quotes on social media regularly without appearing too desperate. Make it all happen very naturally, make it seem normal. When your ex sees the “happier” you, having fun and enjoying in the company of your group of friends, or flirting with someone new, it will surely invite some amount of jealousy in him. If the two of you have some common friends, it is likely that he will receive some information about you, all that is going on in your life from them as well.

When he learns that you are happy on your own, without him, it is likely that he will feel dismayed and will try to reincite some kind of contact or conversation with you, be it by stalking you on social media, leaving reacts or comments on your social media posts or even sending word through your common friends to catch up with you again.

Do not react immediately or initially to his efforts to communicate with you, because remember, he was the person who ghosted you in the first place and he deserves tit for tat, at least in the initial stage. Let the tension between you two boil for some time, so that he feels deep regret for leaving you.

Take your time to get back to him, and when you initiate the conversation with him, make sure that you talk about the happier memories that the two of you had, and not about your fights or bitter breakup. When you talk about all the good things that you two have experienced as a couple, it will make him reminisce on those memories and regret not being with you at the present moment.

6. Love yourself deeply

Love yourself deeply
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One of the reasons why ghosters always come back is because they are curious to see how you are doing without them and chances are high that they may mock your new-found happiness and disapprove of your new connections, simply because they cannot accept the fact that you have moved on are doing well without them. Remember that people like these are not your friends or well-wishers, they may have been dear to you in the past, but their actions have proven that they no longer deserve attention, care, or love from you anymore.
Do not look for his approval in the choices that you have made in your life when he is the one who left you in the lurch. Your happiness would be your best revenge. Show him that you can live a happy life without him.
Last but not the least, love yourself deeply at all times, learn to not be dependent on anyone else for your happiness. Love yourself, for you deserve to be loved.


  • Why do people ghost other people in the first place?
    There can be a number of reasons. People ghost others because they no longer feel that the other person is needed in their life, or holds any value or significance to them. They might also feel pressured or suffocated while being in a relationship and as a result ghost their significant other abruptly. A person, after cheating on their partner, may also suddenly ghost them because they do not want to face the reality and want to avoid further complications with this person.
  • Why do ghosters always come back to the person whom they ghosted?
    Ghosters may come back to the person whom they ghosted earlier because they want to know how they are doing without them. They might also feel guilt or regret for leaving and want to make amends to the person.
  • Should I give the person who ghosted me a second chance?
    It varies from one situation to another. If you still love and care for the person and feel that they deserve a second chance, you can reinvite them in your life. Observe their behavior and actions, watch for signs of remorse or guilt. Only then you can be positive about this person and give them a second chance.

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How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You