What To Look For in a Guy : 12 Good Qualities For Finding Mr. Right

12 Good Qualities For Finding Mr. Right

Having already pictured the kind of man we want, we know how our prince charming is going to be. What women desire is a tall, dark, and handsome guy. But when it comes to living with them, we become dubious of our choices. Dating someone is great, but we should be responsible for, whom we are dating. The people with whom we share or are going to share our lives create much impact on us. So many of us fall for men, who we know would never fit into our choices.
So it’s always good to know things beforehand.

What’s better than being fed with a list of qualities that you ‘’should’’ see before picking them? Thus we come into play.

The qualities to look for in a guy. You need to make sure that-

1. He is a gentleman:

This is such a quality that women crave for. A man should be gentle enough for his partner. He should be polite, considerate, respectful in all ways. He should treat all people without classifying them. The classic example of what a gentleman does in a relationship include pulling out a woman’s chair, walking on the busy side of the road, taking her luggage, and many more.

Finding men of these qualities is hard to find. So when there is a gentleman around us, he stands out. The world would have been a much better place if there were only good men. So it’s better to watch out.

2. He is faithful:

A man of honor will be faithful to his woman. No matter how hard life hits, he will be true to his words. When it comes to marriage, first check for yourself that he isn’t sleeping around. If he ever has been unfaithful to you, it’s better to stay away because he might repeat them.

3. He is honest:

Honesty is such a character that every person should have. Two-faced people are eye pleasers. He would lie to your face with so much confidence. It’s not only detrimental to love-relationships but also to any other relations. A true man will never cook stories and feed you with the ones that you want to hear. It’s better to have a person who says the harsh truth than the one who speaks fresh lies.

4. He loves and trusts you:

This is the absolute condition to live together. He should love you genuinely and entrust in you. He should be the person with whom you can share anything with ease. The most reliable person in your life. One of the most decisive elements in choosing a life partner. A guy who values his girl, values everyone. The saying is so true.

5. He has dignity and integrity:

Having these two qualities is very important in the ‘’ man’’ making process. If your guy doesn’t have self-respect and integrity then he might not be right for you. A man who is true to his words and determined about fulfilling his purposes can achieve career goals. Women find these men evolved and good enough to spend their life with.

6. He cares and respects you:

The guy should care for you like a family. He should respect you and all other women. A good man never hurts the emotions of his lady. He would skillfully handle problems when it comes to family. He should look after you especially when you need it. He would make you feel special and gratified.

7. He is confident enough:

His confidence should make him stand-out. There’s a slight difference between being confident and overconfident. Overconfidence leads to dropping, but self-confidence makes someone a better person when it comes to making decisions and staying firm on them. Not only about himself, but he should also be confident about you, have support for your views too.

8. He learns from a mistake:

We all learn and grow from our past experiences. If your guy repeats the same mistakes he did before, he might not be actually learning anything. It becomes too risky to include them in our lives. Keeping on doing the same things, repeatedly isn’t a good person’s sign anyway.

9. He values his family:

His priority should be his family that involves you. A real guy cares for his parents and always stays with them. We often see children after getting settled, tend to separate from their parents. Some even cut contacts with them. If you find such things in your guy, he might not be the one for you.

10. He can laugh at himself:

Yes, some men do laugh at themselves because they have the confidence to do that. It takes great fortitude in making jokes about oneself. Guys who can’t laugh at themselves are mostly of a hideous nature, which isn’t good. Try it for yourself.

11. He is straightforward:

Some people try to make others fall into the trap of words. Straightforward men don’t have to do so. They speak the truth no matter what. They wouldn’t play with words, which is definitely a sign of a coward.

12. He has a positive influence on people:

Your guy should have a positive impact on the people around him. It may be his family, friends, colleagues, or you. Negativity gives birth to more antagonism. He being negative will affect you and the people you are associated with. In your later life, you will find yourself in hardship and unmindfulness if your partner is negative about everything.

Yeah, it’s good to cross fingers sometimes, but not always isn’t it?

You need to remember if your man is perfect enough, you should reciprocate them too. No one is flawless. You should accept that. Don’t forget to become that “perfect woman” your partner craves for too


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What To Look For in a Guy : 12 Good Qualities For Finding Mr. Right