6 Signs That A Shy Guy Really Likes You

If you really like a co-worker, or an acquaintance, more than as a friend, and you find that you really do share a lot in common, and have similar interests with him, you can approach him to see if he expresses a similar interest in you and shows the same level of reciprocation. While it might be terrifying to think about the prospect of approaching another person, what if they do not feel the same way about you? What if they downright reject you? What if the present equation that you share with this person gets hampered and you might not get back together on the same terms that you used to have before? However, in certain scenarios in life, you must take the chances, for they might bright something good to you ultimately.

There are chances that your liking or admiration for them gets reciprocated in some manner. You can go for casual hangouts and outings with him, to see how things move forward. Then you can finally take things forward with him and you might later get in a secure bond of a committed relationship with this person.

However, if you are used to dating, or in general, interacting with a really extroverted person, you can initially feel quite a bit frustrated dealing with a shy guy who just doesn’t seem to make the first move, despite you hinting at the fact that you like him, or downright acknowledging that you have the hots for him. So, how do you grasp whether he too, likes you the same way? How do you understand if this shy guy is interested in you as well? Here bring to you few-must know signs that clearly indicate that a shy guy likes you:

1. His body language:

Body language indicates a lot of things – they help to convey the messages that remain unsaid in conversations. Observing the body language of introverted and shy people can tell a lot about them, much more than words can. You, of course, cannot always rely on words, and watching how they react and respond when they are around you physically can communicate important messages.

2. Is his energy open to yours?

This is one important criterion that you should definitely not overlook to avoid trouble while dealing with this person in the future. While observing his body language, you can make out whether he is open to receiving and giving energy to you. This mutual exchange of energy, thoughts, and ideas while having a conversation will lead to something concrete and lasting between you two and ultimately make your relationship flourish.

3. He makes eye contact with you:

Eye contact with your partner, or the person of your liking, can be one of the most comforting feeling ever. There are several other indications if he likes you as well, but is too shy to express his feelings in a straightaway, direct manner. If you catch him staring at you, only to look away embarrassed if you stare back at him, or if your friends catch him doing the same, you can be pretty sure that he has a soft corner in his heart for you.

4. His touch and gestures towards you are friendly:

A positive touch indicates a lot of things and is one of the main signs in indicating that the other person is in friendly terms with you and is simply comfortable, being around you. He could also be trying to assess whether you are romantically interested in him by this. Touching the other person is a sign of union and rapport and is the first step in building a connection that is solid.

5. He devotes his time and attention for you:

If the guy is interested in you, he will spend some amount of his energy to ensure that some amount of time in his busy schedule is kept aside exclusively for you. He will be sincere enough to give you some amount of attention every day, no matter how busy he remains. This can be in the form of a short conversation at the lunch table during break time at work, texting back immediately, or going out of his way and doing things for you.

6. He does not seem to be romantically interested in anyone else:

If the guy doesn’t seem to be in the lookout for someone else, chances are that he has set his eyes solely on you and does not feel that level of interest towards anybody else. This should be good news for you as this means that you can approach him with caution and gradually get closer to him, once he starts showing reciprocation.

Remember to go with what your heart says and always trust your gut feeling. The guy you like may or may not like you back. First of all, you have to read the signs of body language, and whether he is eager to converse with you and keen on spending one-on-one quality time with you. If the guy you are interested in has a really shy personality and shows specific signs of being interested in you, you can safely pursue him!

6 Signs That A Shy Guy Really Likes You
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