How To Become a Nicer Person

How To Become a Nicer Person
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“If it rains on a certain day when you were expecting it to be sunny, find the beauty and virtue in the rain, rather than complain about it.”

We all have our role models. May it be our parents or any leader. We aspire to be like them Make an impact on society. We want people to respect and have faith in us.

But it doesn’t always happen. Wonder why?
Because there is a huge gap between the person who we are, and the one we wish to become.

Reality and dreams never go parallel. But that doesn’t mean we stop seeing dreams.
First, we need to know what is meant by being a nice person?
It is the act of helping others and not expecting anything in return. Being nice is one of the best ways to make others feel happy. Nice people are characterized as being warm, friendly, helpful, and gentle.

Why is being nice important?

Being nice to others makes you happy. It builds your confidence and makes you much more acceptable.
If you are a rude person, what do you think would be people’s attitude towards you?

We have researched the importance of niceness and how to be a nicer person. So that you can finally meet your role model in the mirror.

10 Ways to be a nicer person are-

1. Be a good listener:

Listen to other’s problems accurately. Being a good listener is really essential to enhance our self qualities. If we don’t pay attention to what the opposite person is saying, we won’t be able to help them or as you know fail at being ‘nice’.

2. Be helpful:

You must find some people in your society who are present whenever someone needs help. If you want to be a nicer version of yourself, you must be helpful to others. Helping, without expectations, is what we’re talking about.
If you help someone in a hope of asking for a favor in a later stage, that’s not what being nice is. That is being mean.

3. Be polite and humble:

Don’t be rude to people just because your mood isn’t okay today. How would you’ve felt if anyone shows you an unnecessary attitude?
You would have felt angry, right? Mutual feelings in both ways.
Do not do something, that you don’t want others to do.
Humble people are much more embraced and accepted.

4. Let go of anger:

Anger leads to downfall. Showing an unwanted temper at bad points leads to bad impressions among people. They might find you unsocial and unfit for conversations. Thus people would start disbelieving you.

Try to calm down your anger. Nicer people know how to keep control of their sentiments.

5. Practice forgiveness:

Forgive people who are sorry for their wrong actions. It’s important to forgive and understand situations. Sometimes it becomes impossible to do so, but we should compromise at a certain ground. Nice people never embrace grudge against someone, rather they let those feelings wash out by forgiving them.

6. Be honest and direct:

Be kind and honest to people. Twisting around won’t help you become a good person. Serve others, as this is the key to find eternal happiness in yourself. Try to be to the point. Don’t play with words when advising someone.

7. Be respectful, not judgemental:

Don’t insult people for their disputes. It is completely unnecessary to disrespect others’ opinions. Different people have different choices. It’s good to have support for their judgments. Judgemental persons are less welcomed and not wanted by anyone.

8. Apologize sincerely:

No one is perfect. We do mistakes sometimes. And it’s completely okay to say sorry if you are wrong.

Written by Alecia Bennett

I hold a master's degree with a clinical psychology specialization. Currently pursuing school counseling courses. I have attended various programs related to mental health issues. A person who takes a keen interest in writing anything about the human mind and behavior.

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