5 Tips to Know How to Not Let Go Your Inner Child

5 Tips to Know How to Not Let Go Your Inner Child

“Within us all is a radiant inner child bathed in joy”.
–Amy Leigh Mercree

The above saying is truly apt.

There is an innocent and high-spirited inner child in every individual, the only fact is you need to let it out. For this one needs to realize the existence of an inner child and what it means.

Inner Child: What is it?

Do you often get lively just like a mischievous child?

Do you want to be employed in specific ventures that you enjoyed being a child?

Do such actions make you behave just like a child?

This is your inner child that seldom bubbles to show up. It is within you and needs to be identified, accepted, experienced, and cherished.

In psychology, an inner child is that part of the personality that still identifies with a child and the behavioral manifestations are alike as the child.

Why is it important to Not Let Go of Your Inner Child?

An inner child has its roots in childhood. Many people connect with their childhood trauma, events, and abuse.

Due to this, people tend to avoid recalling their events and memories of being a child. All you need to remember is that in life’s journey we all are surfaced with some pain and sufferings. So there is nothing to feel embarrassed about when you face the mirror shown by your inner child.

Confronting your past might help you resolve the inner conflicts and wounds that you have left long ago. We often move on in life ignoring such past turmoils that eventually trouble us in our later lives.

So break free from your feelings of overriding guilt and shame and face the child in you that shrieks inside to come out. This acts as a process of healing from debilitating past wounds.

It is okay to be childish to break the monotony of life.

Here are some tips that you can follow to not let out your inner child.

Tips to not let go of your inner child

Have a look at these tips so that you can keep your inner child alive.

1. Hear the voice of your inner child

Once you connect with your inner child, try to hear the voice of it. You would encounter a barrage of emotions that you are not even aware of.

Embrace the insecurities, anxieties, vulnerabilities that the helpless child in you is battling with. By doing this you are getting to know your inner turmoils that need to be healed.

Keep connecting with the child within you by answering the crying call of it.

2. Reconnect with yourself

Spending your own company is absolute bliss. Take some time out from your busy schedule and invest it in yourself.

Try to look within yourself and reconnect with your soul by practicing meditation. Write a journal or short poem on your childhood memories and events. Talk to yourself by questioning your thoughts. Sing a song in a childish voice. Jump or dance to the rhythm of beats like a child.

3. Revisit the path of childhood days

Frequently revisit your days as a child by spending some alone time with the photographs of your childhood memories. Find out what you enjoyed the most as a child and engage yourself in that activity.

As we proceed towards adulthood we are dumped with responsibilities and because of this our emotions and zest for achieving our dreams and desires get blurred.

Unfolding the pleasant memories of childhood would shower you with inner peace and joy.

4. Enjoy the company of children

A child is a pure soul. Being an adult we get drawn towards a child’s charming smile. It is in the company of the children we relive our days as a child.

So get to spend some moments with children in an orphanage or children of your friends or family members. Engage in play activities with children so that your mind and body heal with excitement and laughter.

You would travel back to the playful journey once you already had been years back. So reliving the experiences you once enjoyed as a child is always a good thing to explore.

5. Self-acceptance is the key

Once you face your inner child, accept it. Let it come out from the cocoon that you have built unknowingly.

Learning to accept your negative emotions, weaknesses, and past traumas and sufferings would open the door to healing and direct you towards a better future.

You would be able to keep the child within you alive only if you accept the way it is.

So be playful, be cheerful, be beautiful to not let go of your inner child.

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5 Tips to Know How to Not Let Go Your Inner Child