10 Expensive Habits Which Will Leave You Broke

10 Expensive Habits Which Will Leave You Broke

Do you ever look at your bank account and feel pity? If so, you are the reason for your poor financial status.

You work hard to earn money and put some of it in your savings account. If you think that is enough to fix your financial situation, you are wrong. There’s a reason your savings account is not growing and you are struggling with money.

It is easy to earn money, but saving it for your future needs is the challenging part. Most people struggle to save money because of their bad financial choices and spending habits. If you relate to this category, you are the problem.

If you want to see your savings grow, you should get rid of the expensive spending habits. Expert financial planners say every person should make a budget plan every month and spend accordingly. It may sound like an easy thing to do, but many people find it difficult to follow their budget plan.

This article covers some of the expensive habits that are stopping you from growing financially. You should break these habits to gain financial freedom in your life.

Here are 10 expensive habits that, if not managed carefully, can contribute to financial difficulties:

1. Stop Spending Money On Unnecessary Things

Spending Money On Unnecessary Things
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Remember that time you went to the market and purchased a stainless-steel knife set that you don’t even use? Unnecessary spending like this is the reason you are broke.

It is easy to get tempted to buy new things when you see them. But you should not spend your money on stuff that you don’t need. Instead, you should save that amount in your bank and use it for something important.


2. Reduce Eating Out

As a foodie, you want to explore new places to eat, including the most expensive restaurants and cafes. It is fine to eat outside once in a while and no one is asking you to stop that. But if this becomes a habit, you know it’s a problem.

You shouldn’t spend a lot of money on food. Instead of ordering food from outside, you should cook for yourself. This is good for both your pocket and your health.

3. Don’t Shop Too Much

Don't Shop Too Much
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Some people shop a lot, especially when their salary gets credited. Buying the things you need is fine, but you should always spend within your budget.

We all want to buy new things and pamper ourselves. This behavior is normal and doesn’t hurt your bank balance. But if you like to shop for the sake of spending money, you are doing it wrong. Retail therapy is a bad habit and you should get rid of it.

4. Don’t Get A Pricey Gym Membership

It is important to exercise and stay fit, but you don’t need an expensive gym membership for that. Gym memberships are very pricey and it’s better not to get trapped in that.

If you want to exercise in a gym, go to a cheaper one. There’s no need to spend loads of money on an expensive gym, especially when you get the same service at a cheaper gym.

5. Don’t Overload Yourself With

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Nowadays, every online service requires users to subscribe and that’s the reason we have so many bills to pay every month. It is okay to subscribe to the services you need, but you shouldn’t overload yourself with the subscriptions.

Buy the services that are important and get rid of the ones that you barely use. If you have a Netflix or any other OTT subscription, there’s no need to get another one.

6. No Budget Plan

It doesn’t matter how much you earn; you should make a budget plan every month. A budget plan tells you the money you have and the amount you can spend.

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Some people struggle with money even after making a budget plan. This happens if you spend more than your budget. If you make a budget plan, you should stick to it at all costs. That’s the best way to save money and gain financial freedom.

7. Don’t Make Expensive Travel Plans

There’s a time for everything and therefore, you shouldn’t get impatient. We all want to travel and explore new places. But you should do it only if you have enough money to support your plans.

People who started saving recently shouldn’t make travel plans and wait till they have saved enough. You can travel any time if you have money. First, grow your savings and then travel to the places you want.

8. Get Rid Of Your Online Shopping Addiction

Online Shopping
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Online shopping is a big reason why people can’t save money. Most online sites offer regular discounts which tempts people to buy more. For people who fall into this category, it is hard for them to save money.

You should stop yourself from buying things too often from online sites. You should focus on saving more money and building a good future for yourself.

9. No Emergency Fund

Many people don’t have emergency funds and that’s a very bad habit. If you are one of them, you should change it now. Emergencies happen without warning and therefore, you should be prepared for it.

An emergency fund saves you from situations where you need money immediately. Instead of borrowing it from a family member or bank, you can take out money from your emergency funds.

10. Stop Using Your Credit Card Too Much

Many people use credit cards because they want to improve their credit scores. But using a credit card too often is bad for your finances. It means you are buying things on credit and paying interest. This doesn’t give you the chance to save money.

You should use credit cards only in emergencies. If you use it regularly, you should stop now. This way you don’t need to worry about incurring unnecessary debts.

Most people can’t save money because of their bad spending habits and financial choices. If you fix these things, it becomes easier to save money for your future. It is hard to tell what will happen in the future and therefore, you should be financially ready every time. This way you can save yourself from big problems.


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10 Expensive Habits Which Will Leave You Broke
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