6 Signs Your Friend Has Romantic Feelings For You

6 Signs Your Friend Has Romantic Feelings For You

“I think my friend has feelings for me.”
“I feel like we are more than friends.”
“My friend clearly has romantic feelings for me.”
If you relate to any of the above statements, you can be sure of one fact: you have clearly witnessed certain signs of your friend being romantically attracted to you or wanting to be more close to you than a friend normally would.

Also, the first question you must ask yourself here is, would you, in your heart of hearts, want them to like you romantically? Would you want them to be simply your friend or give them a place in your life more than as a friend?

If you are looking for answers to whether your friend likes you romantically, chances are that either you yourself are also interested in getting romantically involved with the person, or perhaps you are romantically interested but do not want to get involved as you do not want to ruin your friendship with them, or you are looking for ways to confirm your doubts and turn them down politely because you do not look at them romantically and clearly a relationship is not possible with them.

Whatever it is, these few signs will tell you whether your friend sees you through different eyes, i.e., whether they are romantically interested in you. The points mentioned below have been discussed in a completely gender-neutral manner, therefore you can either be a man or a woman reading this, the points are equally valid for both genders.

1. The person texts you very frequently:

Even if the person happens to be a very good friend of yours, they do keep a considerable amount of distance if they see you ONLY AS A FRIEND. They may go very well without texting or communicating with you for a few days, but this person simply seems to text you a lot, and without any gap between them. They cannot seem to spend one single day without communicating with you.

2. They go out of their way to make time for you:

A person who sees you only as a friend might make time for you keeping in mind their own needs as well – they have a completely different life and way of living that might not always include YOU. However, this person seems to be always there for you, the ever-dependable one, and keep you as a priority in their life whenever you need them. They are willing to go to great lengths to impress you, and will even do things for you that most other friends would simply refuse to.

3. They are very protective of you:

These friends do not limit themselves to being your closest companions and confidantes, they also take responsibility for how you are feeling, who you interact with and how people treat you. They guard you and protect you no matter what.

4. They stay in close physical proximity to you:

These people might not essentially want to get intimate with you or even attempt to do so since they are well-aware of the fact that you two are friends and nothing more at this point in time, however, you do notice them being physically close to you whenever they get the chance – it might be a rather subtle and playful touch on their part – brushing the hair off your face or stroking your palm and wrists.

5. You spend a lot of one-on-one time together:

Generally, it can be seen that a group of friends spend time together in a group or a gang, but you two simply seem to have an individual connection and spend much time together alone with each other. You hang out and make plans time and again to spend time together. And they seem to enjoy spending time with you, a lot.

6. They do not hesitate to flirt with you:

A friend who flirts with you after having a drink or two is probably someone who has a liking towards you at most but strictly wants to remain on friendly terms with you. Once the effect of the alcohol wears off, they are likely to go back to their old selves. However, if your friend continually flirts with you and are fully aware of what they are doing, chances are, they are seriously romantically interested in you.

The aforementioned signs are only a few indicators of someone with who you are on friendly terms, but they definitely see you as someone who is more than a friend. While it is completely up to you to decide whether you want to reciprocate their feelings or not, especially if they open up to you about them and want to get closer to you, do remember to take a moment to introspect and think whether you have similar feelings towards them.

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6 sure Signs Your Friend Has Romantic Feelings For You
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6 Signs Your Friend Has Romantic Feelings For You
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