18 Different Types of Lovers Whom You Might Come Across

18 Different Types of Lovers Whom You Might Come Across

There are a wide variety of lovers that you might come across in your lifetime. There are different types of love, and there are different types of lovers as well. Love is a feeling that is vast and covers a diverse myriad range of emotions. This is because love is not a feeling that can be confined to a certain type, but is vast and boundless.

It is a very certain and obvious fact that the love that you feel for your siblings – your elder or younger brothers or sisters will not be the same kind of love that you feel for your lover or partner. Similarly, the love and that you experience for your parents would be quite different in this aspect.
There are different types of people who inhabit this planet, and they are all different human beings in the way that they are designed, and the way they love and express their love when it comes to their romantic partners/spouses.

In the initial stage, when you get to know someone, you want to spend time with them, hang out, go on dates and you can understand a lot about them even if they don’t express themselves with many words and generally keep silent – by observing their body language. Body language can be a giveaway for words unspoken.

The basic idea is that we can get to know much more about a person once we start observing them and noting their personality traits carefully. You can then accordingly decide whether you want to enter a long-term relationship with the person.

The type of lover an individual becomes is dependent on quite a few factors. These include the circumstances they are facing, their present mental state, and what they ultimately want out of the relationship.

1. The givers:

There can be several reasons why one of the partners in the relationship is labeled as the “giver” – the primary one being that these partners are more giving in nature. But what is the real reason behind these – why are these persons more inclined towards being given? One, they do not feel secure enough with their position in the relationship, two, their basic nature is usually more giving. These people are more comfortable with showering love and affection on their partners whenever necessary. They do this out of a place of selfless love and compassion. So, if you have a giver in your life, be mindful to not lose them because they are the most precious gems you will ever come across in your life.

2. The takers:

These are simply the other side of the coin – the opposite of the givers. The takers are usually the ones who have a more confident stance when it comes to their relationship and truly believe that they are more deserving of the love and attention from their better half. They have no problems with accepting things from others because they believe that they are worthy of it. Beware though – if your partner is a taker continuously, does not seem to believe in giving anything back, and is self-absorbed or self-obsessed, chances are they have a borderline narcissistic personality disorder or they are simply selfish.

3. The pleasers:

These people love to please and satisfy their partners and they are usually selfless and unconditionally loving. These people go to incredible lengths just so they can impress their loved ones. Pleasing their loved ones is their main source of pleasure. These are the people, who deserve your unconditional love and affection because they are always there for you to fulfill your emotional needs.

4. The controllers:

At first glance, these might seem to be the people who want the best for us. However, soon the mask falls off, and their constant phone calls and texts checking up on us become annoying. Soon, they might turn out to be a real freak show who does not allow you to even step out of the house without their permission. The innocent, emotional love turns into a manipulative game and you both are out to get each other. Such kinds of toxic relationships are best disposed of as early as possible.

5.The adventure seekers:

These are the kind of lovers who despise any feelings of monotony, and are always on the go for new adventures and experiences with their partner. They might even pick up fights with their partner out of the blue to experience a sudden rush of emotions. If you are the type who avoids arguments, this could be a problem for you, however, if you love nothing more than a good argument, this could be a great relationship for you both.

6. The selfish ones:

When selfish people get into relationships, you might call them a selfish lover. They can never love anyone selflessly, other than themselves, of course. At first, they’ll try to improvise things but as time passes by you can spot the differences in their behavior. Whether a man or a woman, their motives are almost the same. They’ll look for whatever they can get out of every possible situation. It might look that he is doing things to make you happy, but watch out, he must be doing it for some greedy intentions.