10 Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long Distance Relationship Tips According To Therapists That Actually Work2

Being in a long-distance relationship comes with its own share of limitations that are hard to outweigh by the advantages that it provides. Staying apart from your partner for a long period of time, not communicating due to work-related stress and overcoming an overall feeling of loneliness can be hard to deal with. It is primarily owing to this reason that being in a long-distance relationship requires two individuals who are mature enough to understand that their partner won’t be around most of the time. As a result, they learn to adapt to difficult situations and circumstances in life, they can rise up to most challenges that life presents them quite easily compared to others in the same age bracket. 

If you have thinking how to cope with long distance relationship ? or how to deal with a long distance relationship? Following are some tips to maintain a balance in your love life and make a long-distance relationship work :

1. Don’t be too overbearing on them:

Being in a relationship naturally comes with its own set of limitations, one of the biggest turn-offs in a relationship is having an overly clingy and possessive partner. They get too overbearing and are inclined to be too demanding of their partners and as a result, their partner often pulls away from them- not because they start hating or resenting their partners, but because they become too tired and exhausted to fulfill their partner’s never-ending needs and demands all the time. 

2. Keep a limit to your communications with them:

Do not make this mistake of overly communicating with them all the time at the expense of other aspects of your life-most importantly your career, friends, and even your family, which happens to be the case sometimes. Do not always be at your phone, checking notifications, and do not constantly text/call them- this habit can be very annoying, to say the least. 

3. Cherish and make the most out of the time you spend with them:

 When they come to your place, or you go to theirs, make sure that you spend quality time with them and not remain distracted with work or loiter around with other chores. This can make them feel unwanted, and in turn, have an immensely negative impact on your relationship. If you adore them and truly want them to feel special, spend most of your time with them during this limited period of time as this will make you get to know each other better and you will know each others good aspects as well as the flaws that are characteristic of them as an individual. If you are in a relationship for quite some time and are looking at the long term aspects of it, you can also decide mutually whether you want to start living together at some point in time.

4. Make sure that your vision for the relationship is the same:

Extending from what was mentioned in the previous paragraph, sooner or later you will have a discussion about what you want from the relationship-how you would want things to culminate.

5. Have enough space between yourselves:

It is important in every relationship that there is enough space between the partners so that they can focus on their respective careers/work and also it is important that they do not ignore their friends and family, who have been constants throughout their life.

6. Take time out for yourself as well:

Write that journal that you have been waiting to write for so long. Go out and unwind in nature. Write poetry, songs, make artworks and do all that you have not yet had a chance to explore. Pursue creative hobbies. Doing all these will make you richer as a person and also add to your life experience in a beautiful way. 

7. Look at the positives:

Take advantage of the fact that being in a long distance relationship leaves you with more time for yourself.  You can enrich yourself with new internships, develop your skill sets and pursue new career opportunities. Learn to look at things in a positive way and not the other way around. 

8. Learn to relax:

Accept the fact that things are not always in your control, and whatever happens, is for the best- the good effects will show sooner or later in your life. 

9. Be independent.

Do not become dependent on your partner staying far away from you to such an extent that you cannot function properly without communicating with them even on a single day. One-sided dependency, as well as codependency in a relationship, has always been discouraged by therapists.

10. Leave behind your mobile!

Do not rely on mobile networks or the internet all the time to communicate with them: Overuse of technology has more negatives than positives and it increasingly seems that this is an inevitable disaster we are heading for. Do not fall asleep while talking on the phone with them because you have stayed up for so long just to talk to them. The same goes the other way around.

To conclude, long-distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it certainly is not easy. It takes a lot of maturity, understanding, and compromise to have a successful long-distance relationship that lasts long, if not a lifetime. Good luck!

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10 Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work
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Long Distance Relationship Tips According To Therapists That Actually Work

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