18 Different Types of Lovers Whom You Might Come Across

18 Different Types of Lovers Whom You Might Come Across

13. Passionate lovers:

Here comes the most awaited one! If you are searching for the type of lovers good in bed, then here is it!. These lovers are most suitable if you are ideating of taking your relationship to the next level. Their sex appeal is worth enjoying. Sexual appetite is big enough. They enjoy physical pursuits with their partners. Good to say, they are a kind of Sex God. They know how to please a woman. Most of the time, males play dominant. But the few females who play dominant are bound to please you.

14. The Straying lovers:

They start with being very romantic in the beginning and end up being a stranger. You might have spotted them. They will show excessive care and possessiveness to draw your attention and feelings. They will do everything for you and try to make you feel that they are the ones. But slowly with time, they’ll get bored of you, and leave you for someone of an interesting character, leaving in you in a dilemma of what went wrong. Thus the name, ‘’strayers’’.

15. The Romantics:

If you love ‘’Romantic movies’’ or ‘’Romantic novels’’ then your heart must be fond of a romantic admirer. Though true romantic people are hard to find these days, there is always scope for chances. They’ll woo you like you’re in a dream. Every moment of both of you will be cheered and full of love and affection that you can’t resist. The charming behavior of your mate will make you fall in love over and over again.

16. The materialistic lovers:

They are the lovers who are addicted to getting gifts from their partners and find happiness in the ‘’things’’ and not the reason behind it. They’ll bother about you until you buy them something they had asked for. Even if they know that you don’t love that person, they’re okay with it, unless you provide them with goods. Lack of love isn’t a matter to them.

17. The Enthusiasts:

They love to experience new things in a relationship. A traveler. They love to explore new things and visit new places. Trying to cook new things is an everyday job. An enthusiast lover carries his partners wherever they go. Finding new motives and being active and positive is the way they are. Sometimes they rush over things, which becomes an issue. But they live their lives to the fullest. If you wish to world-tour then you should go for an enthusiast lover.

18. The helpers:

A helping lover will help in times, but can turn against it when he wants. They have a sacrificing attitude that helped you believe him in the first place. But that’s not the end. When he would feel that he has helped you a lot and now that it’s your turn, he would make you do things for him. If it’s a good thing that he makes you do, then well enough, but be aware, as their love is not selfless.

Also, it is quite possible that at all times, a person might not have the same personality or play the role of the same kind of love when it comes to the relationship. Human emotions are complex, and the relationships that they share even more complex and multifaceted. Love is something of a variable nature that comes into play here.


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18 Different Types of Lovers Whom You Might Come Across
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