12 Signs To Know if You Like Someone

Sign you like someone

“To look into that person’s eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, a world full of absolute comfort and happiness.”
-Lily Collins

Are you seeing someone lately? Having butterflies in the stomach when you get to see that person?
Well, this might be a sign of you falling for someone!
Isn’t it fascinating! Love is such a wonderful emotion, that can turn your world upside down if it’s genuine.

Pretense can be painful and dangerous for young people. So it’s always good to have a check.
We have listed down the best ways you can know if you really like someone, or is it just an infatuation.

Ways to know if you like someone genuinely

1. What made you google about this in the first place? Think twice:

Isn’t it the very first question you should ask yourself? You might be seeing them differently than your other friends. If this feeling drives you crazy and made you come this far, then it might be that you like that person for sure.

2. You blush when around them:

Whenever they are around, you feel shy and keep on flushing. Get goosebumps when they come near you.

3. They are always on your mind:

The very first thing you do in the morning is, remembering them and you just can’t help.

4. Your heart skips a beat when they are close:

Often we feel nervous and are too shy to interact at first. You might want to spark up a conversation but step back at the thought of how the other person might feel.

5. You explore the true part of yourself when with them:

Most of us hide the vulnerable part of us in order to save our hearts from getting hurt. If you like the person and want to confess who you really are, then yeah you definitely like that person.

6. You’re obsessed with their pointless things:

Always being occupied with what they might be doing, or what color suits them, how he rolls his sleeves and their eyes when they look at you.

7. You stalk that person on social media platforms:

Yes, you might end up stalking him or his friends on social media, to put an end to your limitless curiosities for him. The human mind is so complicated, we put our best effort into things where we should have put none. Instead of doing such silly things, you should talk to them more often. That would definitely bring out if the opposite person is into you or not.

8. Their presence creates a positive vibe:

When you are in love or have started to fall for someone recently, their presence is bound to give you positive energy. The negative thoughts that nested in your mind are now nowhere to be found.

9. Their favorite movies, books, and games are now your cherished ones:

You try to attempt things that you never used to think of. May it be that one show you hated to talk about, is now you are watching all day! Weird isn’t it! Love is weird too.

10. The emotional bond is breathtaking:

You might have met him a few months ago, but the connection, the bond, the attachment you feel for them are worth considering. Each moment spent without them feels wasted. You always wish they were there forever.

11. Insecure when spotting them with other pals:

Well, this requires no explanation. Our enviousness knows no bounds! Our mind works differently. We try to make ourselves believe, that person belongs only to us.

12. Is it the person? Or the idea of him that excites you?

Physical attraction is the one we can’t say no about. Every living creature is attracted to one another by some sort of bond. We get drawn towards someone by their physical charm. This is the most natural form of getting closer to someone nowadays. It might be his bodily fascination that we are into.

Things you can do about it

Before dating someone, or getting into a serious relationship, we should check the above suggestions, because at the end of the day the only truth that matters is if you are really happy with the person, and not pretending to be.

When you genuinely feel passionate about them, other than doing stupid things, it’s better to confess your thoughts to them. They might not always reciprocate the same for you, but at least cherish you for what you think about them. Even they might acknowledge you, for your choice!


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