15 Types Of Kisses and Their Meanings

15 Types Of Kisses and Their Meanings

A kiss is a very genuine thing to do. It is an expression of love, devotion, trust, and loyalty. We kiss our beloved ones to show a very generous gesture towards them. Kissing is a mutual feeling. The one who kisses has to deliver the correct message and the one who is being kissed should receive it equally.

There are so many ways to kiss and so many types of kisses. Each type has its meaning and use.
Kissing norms are different in different countries. Some treat it as a formal way of showing love like South Asian countries. But for American or European countries kissing is a way of friendship and love.

Whatever it is, we have brought to you the best types of kisses you should know about.
While reading the article, just think about the people you love and the kind you should share with them.

Here are 15 Types Of Kisses

1. The Cheek kiss:

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This type of kiss denotes the number of feelings. It could be passion, love, and support from our beloved ones. We kiss our parents, siblings for the love we share, or sometimes to show protection and feelings for them. When our partner does a kiss on our cheek, it shows their affectionate nature towards us. This type of kiss has no show of sexual appeal.

2. The Forehead Kiss:

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Same as the cheek kiss, but a more supportive one. When two people love, respect, and support each other in bad as well as in good times, they kiss on the forehead. This is by far the sweetest form of sharing affection between two people.

3. The Eskimo kiss:

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No, don’t confuse it with Eskimo kissing each other. Although the process came from them, they don’t kiss this way! Jokes apart, this type of kiss can be between a parent and a child or between very close relatives sharing deep love and devotion. Some lovers are seen kissing this way too, but this isn’t a lovers’ kiss, for sure.

4. The Single Lip kiss:

Speak of the devil. Not at all a devil. A lover’s favorite kiss. A simple lip kiss you can think about. Maybe you still haven’t kissed your crush and probably googled it. Whatever it is, if you think you like someone then yeah, this is what you should be going for.

5. The French kiss:

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The most awaited kiss I guess! This kiss is the premium version of a lip kiss. Partners having a deep passion and are serious can go for a french kiss. The best kiss for foreplays and good enough to arouse sexual intimidation. Don’t go kissing anyone like this. Keep this reserved until you meet your actual love.

6. The Hickey kiss:

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When your partner kisses your neck, sucking the skin it leaves a red spot, which is called a hickey. It could be too passionate or just a light one depending on the occasion. Should be between two trusting partners. Not for the first date, but maybe for the 5th one!

7. The Peck kiss:

A first date kiss. This kiss is quick, short, and cute. Might have seen it in Hollywood movies, maybe one of your friends doing it. Deep passion isn’t involved in it but could hint at starting one.

8. The Air kiss:

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A flying kiss, as most commonly known as. When lovers crave a kiss from a distance the opposite one (mostly a girl) would throw a kiss in the air. If you are dating someone from your neighborhood this could be your most needed kind of kiss.

9. The Earlobe kiss:

Performed by lovers during deep long physical steam. One bites the other on the upper part of the ear and moves to and fro to seduce. A good kiss for foreplays and would be fruitful.

10. The hand kiss:

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When one person kissed the other on hand, it denotes a relation of respect, dignity, and trustworthiness. Has nothing to do with physical pursuits. A man or woman gives a marriage proposal this way because it is the best way to honor somebody.

11. The butterfly kiss:

Not exactly a kiss. Lovers move their faces towards each other touching the forehead and blinking generously. It gives a butterfly feeling, hence the name. It conveys a deep sensual feeling between the two. Just close your eyes when your partner gives you a butterfly kiss.

12. The Spider-Man kiss:



Have ever watched any Spiderman movie? If not then just open Netflix, and if yes continue reading! Your boyfriend kisses you from above but inverted. Like Spiderman does in a wall-hanging position. This is a super cute kind of kiss. Practically when your partner wants to play with you, he would choose this method for sure. Don’t move, just close your eyes and enjoy the kissing!

13. The Vampire kiss:



It is believed that when Vampires make love they become very fierce and are hard to stop. They kiss on the neck and bite to drink blood. Don’t be scared! You don’t have to suck blood, you just have to kiss and bite if you want to enjoy this kiss.

14. The teaser kiss:

When two people flirt and are wanting to commit, make love by teasing each other. Doesn’t involve deep bonds or passion. Just toying with each other for romance.

15. The body kiss:

A body kiss involves kissing on any body part. During sexual intimidation, generally, the male partner kisses the body of the female part. Quiet fascinating and involves deep trust within the partners. If your partner recoils or feels shy, then it’s a big no-no. Don’t force anybody for anything because that isn’t lovemaking. Is it?

No matter how you kiss, what matters is, who you kiss and whether you are true to it.
If love is a burger, then kiss is the top cheese. You will only have it if you’re hungry.
Likewise, you will only kiss someone if you genuinely love the person and not faking it.

Let us know in the comment section your favorite types of kisses

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15 Types Of Kisses and Their Meanings
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