15 Types Of Kisses and Their Meanings

15 Types Of Kisses and Their Meanings

A kiss is a very genuine thing to do. It is an expression of love, devotion, trust, and loyalty. We kiss our beloved ones to show a very generous gesture towards them. Kissing is a mutual feeling. The one who kisses has to deliver the correct message and the one who is being kissed should receive it equally.

There are so many ways to kiss and so many types of kisses. Each type has its meaning and use.
Kissing norms are different in different countries. Some treat it as a formal way of showing love like South Asian countries. But for American or European countries kissing is a way of friendship and love.

Whatever it is, we have brought to you the best types of kisses you should know about.
While reading the article, just think about the people you love and the kind you should share with them.

Here are 15 Types Of Kisses

1. The Cheek kiss:

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This type of kiss denotes the number of feelings. It could be passion, love, and support from our beloved ones. We kiss our parents, siblings for the love we share, or sometimes to show protection and feelings for them. When our partner does a kiss on our cheek, it shows their affectionate nature towards us. This type of kiss has no show of sexual appeal.

2. The Forehead Kiss:

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Same as the cheek kiss, but a more supportive one. When two people love, respect, and support each other in bad as well as in good times, they kiss on the forehead. This is by far the sweetest form of sharing affection between two people.

3. The Eskimo kiss:

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No, don’t confuse it with Eskimo kissing each other. Although the process came from them, they don’t kiss this way! Jokes apart, this type of kiss can be between a parent and a child or between very close relatives sharing deep love and devotion. Some lovers are seen kissing this way too, but this isn’t a lovers’ kiss, for sure.

4. The Single Lip kiss:

Speak of the devil. Not at all a devil. A lover’s favorite kiss. A simple lip kiss you can think about. Maybe you still haven’t kissed your crush and probably googled it. Whatever it is, if you think you like someone then yeah, this is what you should be going for.

5. The French kiss:

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The most awaited kiss I guess! This kiss is the premium version of a lip kiss. Partners having a deep passion and are serious can go for a french kiss. The best kiss for foreplays and good enough to arouse sexual intimidation. Don’t go kissing anyone like this. Keep this reserved until you meet your actual love.

6. The Hickey kiss:

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