Modern Dating Has Become Unbearable and it’s Making Me Sick

Modern Dating Has Become Unbearable and it’s Making Me Sick

In today’s world of modern dating, it’s a rarity to find someone excited about it. This whole ordeal has become so tiresome and twisted that it’s simply making me sick. In a sea single people, why is it becoming so hard to find genuine love and affection?

It seems that no one is interested in romantic relationships and conventional dating anymore, all people want is one-night stands and casual dating. Have we all gone completely mad? How can anyone prioritize one-night stands over meaningful, true relationships?

Is there no more respect, honesty, and dignity in this world? Is no one interested in deep emotional connection and intimacy? Have we all become so superficial that we don’t even bother to connect with our potential partners anymore?

It seems that the biggest challenge of the 21st century is building a strong, loving, committed relationship, something that was quite normal only a decade or so ago. Why is this so?

Well, modern dating has set forth some quite confusing rules for all the single people out there, and following them is becoming harder and harder. If you want to get someone’s attention you need to learn how to attract them without them noticing how you really feel because that would make you look weak. It’s also promoting bad behaviors like stringing people along and taking them for granted, which is not helping the situation at all. In today’s world of modern dating, those who play with your feelings are the players while those who show their vulnerabilities are the weak ones. Isn’t this the irony?

I’m sick and tired of the world of modern dating and I don’t want any part of it anymore. I don’t want to support a world that promotes emotionally handicapped people, apathy, and twisted values. I don’t want to support lies, deception, and manipulation and I want to put a stop to our misery. It’s become excruciatingly hard to find a good, honest person and start a truly meaningful relationship with them. People are becoming scared to let themselves feel and show their feelings and instead, they hide behind their Instagram and Facebook feeds. Instead of searching for people in the real world, we aimlessly scroll through social media profiles even though we know we won’t find anything that matters there.

We focus more on appearing happy online than on being really happy. We invest time, energy, and money into creating a happy virtual version of us, of our relationship and we lose sight of what’s really important. Instead of trying to create a perfect online version of ourselves, we need to try and make our partner happy and our relationship successful.

We forget the things that matter the most like being supportive, being honest to our partner, showing love and affection, and simply having open conversations about anything and everything. We need to try more and work harder in order to escape this insanity and build something for ourselves. Can we find in ourselves to let go of everything society has imposed on us and live our life the way we want to? Are there still human beings out there who are mature, responsible, and capable of true, genuine love? I’d certainly want to believe there are and I will be searching for them.


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Modern Dating Has Become Unbearable and it’s Making Me Sick
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Modern Dating Has Become Unbearable and it’s Making Me Sick

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