10 Tips To Help You Better Deal With Stress

10 Tips To Help You Better Deal With Stress

Stress is the uninvited guest in your life and you all would agree.  Even the tiniest problem gives stress and it kills you inside. Sometimes you don’t even know that you are in stress and your mind is getting affected along with your body. It is obvious to have stress in your daily life, because of the way you all are leading your life. Wonder how would be life without stress? That’s again a stressful imagination and assumption.

If you ask what is stress in a normal language – it’s the mental torture we do to our minds, our brain gets squeezed between our thoughts, we are constantly thinking of what, how, why, when, if, but, and, because! What happens when we are in stress? We lose weight, we gain weight, we over-eat, we starve, we become messy, we become perfectionists, we become nagging, we become silent, we become violent, we become non-responsive, we over-think, we fall in love with stressing about everything that surrounds our life, literally.

Now, when you ask the easy way to deal with stress and making our life a bit normal and healthy at the same time – it is possible, only when you really try to deal with it.

“When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

If you feel you are in stress, and your mind is not in the right frame and consulting someone is not your cup of tea – then follow these “safe and tested on humans” (not clinically, get the humor) ways to deal with your stress.

1. Agree & Accept

We keep expecting others to accept us the way we are and then there is stress, we keep letting it affect us mentally because we fail to accept things that do not happen according to our choices or wishes.  All you have to learn is to accept things the way they are in your life. Agree with what the reality is bringing to you.  Stress becomes a more active habit when you tend to disagree more with events and situations and disapprove of most of the things. Once you begin to “agree and accept” and move on with the circumstances, it becomes easy to cope up with stress.

2. Zero Expectation

We all have dreams, aims, goals and we all want to be successful. Because stress has become part of our everyday routine and life, we keep taking pressure on us by expecting ourselves to reach those ambitions within a specific frame of time. All you need to make your mind a stress-free one. Have dreams, have your to-do list but do not expect everything to be achieved without failures and struggles. Do not expect to be successful the way you have planned. Stop putting yourself through unnecessary sufferings with unreasonable expectations from others, for ourselves. Make happiness your only destination.

3. Refrain From Comparisons

This may sound difficult to do, but this is really important that we stop making comparisons and stop giving attention to those who are around us make comparisons. We add stress when we start comparing someone else’s achievements to ours or someone else’s happiness to ours.  Sometimes, you will unintentionally look at the people around you who got married, who got promoted at their workplace, who received a salary increment, and you would start thinking you have not reached that far in your life. When this happens and you realize it, release the stress, take a pause – smile and change the focus.  That is what you need to avoid!

4. Break-free & Don’t Break-away

Break free from everything that gives you stress. Take a break from what gives you no happiness. Breaking-away would mean you are trying to escape the situation like a coward, break-free is way better.  If ever you feel there is a group of unpleasant people around you or situations that are not giving you peace of mind – move away from controlling parents, break-free from the mental-stress,  break-free from those obsessive thoughts, break-free from that unhealthy relationship, break-free from that stressful job, break-free from the negative co-workers at your workplace. Pack your bags, take a break, solo-travel, grab your favorite drink, chill for some time, and come back with more power!

5. Apply The “law Of Attraction” 

Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” talks about the “Law of Attraction” which is the oldest philosophy. In simpler words, you have a superpower that lets you magnetically attract things that you think or dream of.  So when you focus on “the stress”, you attract more stress in your life. When focusing on the positive things around and start thinking of the good things that you want or desire or you need, you attract more positivity in your life. All it will take is to use your happy thoughts and feelings to attract goodness and reduce the amount of stress in your life. Look for the reasons that give you stress, understand them, and look at the other side of the coin, think of the positive change, ask the universe to give you a healthy mind and body.

6. Add Extra Activities

Just like there are activities to have a healthy body free from diseases, similarly, there are activities to have a healthy mind free from stress. When you start adding something extra valuable habits to your life, you start giving less space to stress and you find it easy to cope up with the stress too. If you think of how, just indulge yourself into your favorite hobbies which could be playing outdoor games, buying some colors and painting (you don’t have to be an artist for that, put your imagination at work), change the interior of your room, make it a habit to call your near ones every day, learn music, dance, read.

7. Follow The Good Sleep Remedies

To reduce stress, you need to follow a specific pattern of having a sound sleep.  Fix a time to be on your bed, put your phone on silent and let others know about it. If you had an argument with your partner, talk about it and sort it out before going to bed. Sleeping with a disturbed mind increases your stress.  Forgive with all your heart, sleeping with grudges can poison your mind inside. The better way to eliminate stress is by showing gratitude and letting go of negative feelings like anger and resentment. According to the Sleep Disorders Health Centre, “A good night’s sleep allows you to tackle the day’s stress easier”.

8. Listen To Calm Your Mind

If you think your mind is not at peace, stress is making you restless and go insane – then play some soulful music (instrumental) or practice “deep breathing exercise” which helps you release stress in less than 10 minutes. There are youtube channels like MeditationRelaxClub, YellowBrickCinema, Aishwary Tripathi, Soothing Relaxation, and PowerThoughts Meditation Club which helps your mind fall easily into peace. And these with slower tempo music, sounds, and tunes work to calm your mind, relax your muscles, make you feel soothed, and reduces the stress you had the whole day. Music has a unique connection with your emotions and that is why it is such an effective stress management tool.

9.  Watch To Getting Inspired & Motivated 

 People have a habit of watching sad videos when they are deeply saddened by the events that happen or might have happened in the past in their life. This is what you need to change because that way, you are just increasing the level of pain and stress and you are doing no good to yourself. If you think there is something that is bothering you too much, watch movies or videos which doesn’t break you down but lifts you. Watch something which inspires you to fight back your stress, motivates you to get up, and enhances your entire life outlook. Yes, positive videos of cute puppies and little kids can work as stress-busters!

10. Essence-booster In The Batch Tub

Because stress is an age-old topic, aromatherapy has been in use since ancient times to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils. When you add a few drops of these essential oils in your bathtub and dip yourself into it, the energizing fragrance of the oil helps to decrease the level of stress hormones. They smell pleasant, calm the nerves, opens all the knots inside your brain, and make all your senses work. Some very commonly used essential oils like Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, and Basil reduces stress and enhances the mood. Taking a bath with drops of essential oils in it effectively helps to alleviate stress, release negative emotions, restores the nervous system, and promotes feelings of comfort and joy.


Stress is inevitable, and it is never good to know that you are dealing with it.  Thinking that stress is doing some good to you, would be incorrect. Anything that disturbs your mind and is ruining your healthy lifestyle, needs your attention.  Now you know how to eliminate the reasons for your stress, dealing with it, and have a stress-free life.15 Hobbies That Can Help To Improve Your Mental Health.


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10 Tips To Help You Better Deal With Stress

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10 Tips To Help You Better Deal With Stress
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10 Tips To Help You Better Deal With Stress

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