Am I a Bad Person ? 5 Things To Do When You Feel Bad About Yourself

Am I a Bad Person? 5 Things To Do When You Feel Bad About Yourself

Like most people, you might have done some good and bad things.
But you seem to focus more on the bad part, which is making you feel bad about yourself.

Let me tell you one thing, the actual bad people do never realize that they are doing something bad. They don’t have any self-thoughts about their actions.
This proves you’re not a bad person at all.

Sit back and relax.
If you’re still not feeling anything better, then keep on reading.

Before you start believing that you’re evil or a wrong person, you should know the boundary between good and evil.

From childhood, we are taught to help others, be kind to others, and never say “no”.
But whenever we start believing people and being more kind to them, mean ones try to victimize and throw targets at us. Making us vulnerable to evil quarries.
Is that the definition of being good?
Thus some people tend to change themselves for their good. They are not bad persons, they are just being protective of themselves.

There is a difference between people doing the wrong things and people choosing to do wrong intentionally even after knowing the outcomes.

Someone is considered bad if they have the following signs:

  • Narcissistic
  • Psychopathy
  • Sadism
  • Spitefulness
  • Entitlement
  • Moral Disengagement
  • Egoism

Do you find any similarities between these and yourself?
If no, then you’re not a bad person.

But if you do, then go through the suggestions we’ve come up with.

How to feel better about yourself?

1. Be kind to others:

Be good and helpful. Being kind is good for others and also for your mental satisfaction. Needy help people. If you feel guilty of your wrongdoings, then this is the time, have their back. Helping someone gives us immense pleasure and happiness. You won’t feel guilty about yourself anymore.

2. Consider the consequences of your actions:

“Look before you leap.”

Whatever you do, do it with responsibility. If you’re doing something bad to someone intentionally, then you should know that is wrong. What impacts it draws to them as well as to you.
Rather than jumping onto things, try to think before you act. The negativities that will surround you is not what you want for yourself. Do you?

3. Know your values and act accordingly:

Knowing what you truly desire in life is crucial. Remember the values that you want for yourself. Some notable values could be honesty, integrity, trust, kindness, communication, and accountability.
Then list down the changes that you need to make inside you, to attain these qualities. Some of the changes could be, telling the truth always, protesting when something is wrong, being trustworthy, and easy to reach.
That’s all.

4. Admit yourself:

Try to accept yourself for the spirit you are. Only then you’ll be able to keep a track of your actions. You might have hurt someone’s feelings, but you are not the only one to do so.
You have to learn and grow from your past experiences, to avoid hurting others in the future.

5. Talk to a therapist:

Take yourself to a licensed therapist to whom you can share anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. Stop spending long hours thinking about these. Your problem could be due to depression, stress, or panic.
Many people are afraid to go to doctors, as they might declare them psychotic.
Therapy is a safe place to share your worries and be free of negative thoughts.
They are well-trained professionals who know how to feed people with positivity by extracting the negativity from their core.

It won’t happen within a night. Nothing is a miracle.
You need to have patience and believe in yourself as well as your therapist.

Everything takes time. The changing of the way you think about yourself and also who you are as a person is not something that happens overnight.

The transformation is slow and incremental in this method. Your daily winnings would be of a small amount, but slowly you’ll reach closer to your goal. Be aware and start preparing yourself for the journey now.

Make sure that these thoughts might come back repeatedly, as correcting them isn’t an unchanging process. Hasty thoughts are tough to change and control.

You might feel that you have a spur-of-the-moment thought and need to control it, get to its core, and get your emotions adjusted before you respond to any situation.

Over time, these sensations will sink and you’ll have less and less of these thoughts.
You will get accustomed to dealing with struggles more easily than ever.
Thus it becomes easier to deal with more positivity and let go of those regretful feelings by substituting them with accurate feelings of self-worth.


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Am I a Bad Person? 5 Things To Do When You Feel Bad About Yourself