20 Halloween 2021 Party Theme Ideas To Make Your Party More Enthralling

20 Halloween Party Theme Ideas To Make Your Party More Enthralling

Halloween is about to probe in, but you are still confused about Halloween party themes to try this year?
For kids, it is the time to have lots of candies and what more, but for adults, it is the perfect time to enjoy and do anything they want.
Theme parties are helpful in deciding the indoor and outdoor decorations, costumes, and other things. Not everyone likes themes, but planning and arranging them for guests is a fun process.

You might be searching here and there for such Halloween party themes for this year.
We have it for you.

Get inspired by these 20 Halloween 2021 party theme ideas, that can make your party much more enthralling.

1. Pumpkin-Carving Party:

Invite yourself into the main theme of a Halloween party, the pumpkin carving party. Arrange for completion and the winner takes home a freshly cooked pie.

2. Gothic Party:

You might go in your old traditional way or, try it a bit classier. Welcome guests dressed in witch and wizard costumes. Keep the theme in black and red color codes. To fill in, you might use Glittery skulls, cobwebs, spiders, dripping candles, and other things to add to the gothic environment.

3. Nightmare On Your Street:

Blend your Halloween festivities and a block party with a bar crawl. Give different Halloween tasks to each of your groupmates. Include making caramel apples and spooky cocktails in your games. Share ghost stories and have a blast.

4. Stranger Things Party:

If you are a ‘Stranger Things’ fan, you would know what I am hinting at? Make a list of to-do activities and plan for every gossip that the kids have done in the show. Make sure the mystery remains intact.

5. Haunted House Party:

Halloween is incomplete without a haunted regime. Arrange for darker wallpapers and scary wall hangings. Make little lighting in your house. Everyone gets dressed in black or something in dark colors. Get Halloween makeup and just haunt your own house with your ghastly dressed friends. Stuff some old clothes with hay to make dead guests. Play dark music in the background.

6. Murder Mystery Party:

It is the perfect time to have murders planned (just kidding). Make your mysteries and ask your friends to solve them, and vice-versa. Develop a strong story with a murderer to pin down.
Whenever any guest drops in, make them understand the plot, and start playing.

7. Monster Mash Party:

The very first thing that comes to our mind when we think about a Halloween party are mostly ‘Dracula’, ‘Vampire’, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Mummies’. This is the ideal season to throw a monster mash. Play songs that go with your Halloween fancy like the whole Pickett album.

8. Graveyard theme:

A graveyard party can be thrown by decorating the area with hay, overhanging branches, leaves, gothic lightings, pumpkins, etc. Most people prefer their backyard space for this. Arrange for eerie sound effects and pepper scary lights. Arrange faux graves made of thermocol and use DIY crosses beside them. Hang giant spiders and enjoy your Halloween party. Get ghostly dressed and terrify people.

9. Harry Potter-themed Party:

This is everyone’s favorite theme ever. Decorate your home or backyard with Harry Potter themed objects, for example, broomsticks, sorting hats, golden snitches, and cauldron. Do not forget to serve some Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavor Beans.

10. Zombie Party theme:

Hollywood movie lovers would definitely love a zombie theme Halloween party. You need good makeup artists for excellent makeovers. Make the Wrong Turn character faces and scare your friends. The kids will have a blast decorating for this party. Play some zombie songs or watch your favorite Zombie movies or Tv shows.

11. The Mummy’s Curse Party:

After Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen about a century years ago, everyone talks of the mummy’s curse. Create a mummy party. Hand small figurines here and there or, get yourself dressed as a mummy.

12. Horror movie party:

We love acting out the on-screen characters and living their life. Don’t we? Among the horror movie playlist play some of your favorites and watch them with friends and family. Do decorate your house likewise.

13. Vampire Dinner party:

Halloween gives rise to Vampire vibes in us. Dress in black and red along with bloody decoratives. Arrange for a vampire only dinner for your vampire-dressed friends and relatives. Take red foods like tomatoes, cranberries, and beets.

14. Superhero Party:

Who doesn’t love playing a superhero? One of the most popular costumes is influenced by them. It should be in your Halloween costume and theme list. Pick one superhero for each of your friends. Make or shop their costumes. Make your avatar’s weapons on your own and you are good to save the world from evil spirits!

15. Pet Costume Contest Party:

Get your pets dressed in the Halloween theme. Ask your friends to bring their pets too. Set out bowls of water and treats for your furry friends and arrange for some good food. Arrange competitions and let the winner have the best Halloween treat.

16. Glowy Party:

The fluorescent costumes and makeup are too good to be missed at a Halloween party. Light up your little one’s faces a little more by adding these lighting pieces. Add glow-in-the-dark things on walls, hangings, doors, windows, dresses, faces, cups, and pumpkins. Do not forget to turn off lights to get this effect.

17. The Hallow-Wine Party:

Don’t let the Halloween party go dry. If you don’t love wine, go for other drinks and mocktails. Buy less expensive wines and get to sipping.

18. Mad Masquerade Ball Party:

Are you a fan of hocus-pocus and all magic stuff? An elegant and glamorous kind of vibe gets added to the overall party. Deck out your home in black and gold decor. Add some flickering candle lights for the ghastly feel.

19. Game of Thrones Party:

One of the most favorite Tv shows of all time other than the final episode, for sure. Divide your friends into five different houses. One of you acts the White king and others, the white walkers.
So now that you know, you have so many options for the Halloween party, which one of these are you going to try?
Want more depth? Click here.

We hope that you have a blast on your Halloween days. Whatever you do, make sure it is safe for you and others.

Happy Halloween.

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