How To Keep Your Child Busy? 11 Proven Ideas Moms Can Try

How To Keep Your Child Busy? 11 Proven Ideas Moms Can Try

Children are explorers. They keep on trying new things. I mean too many things at the same time!
Their tiny brain isn’t tiny at all! They talk less and work more.
They tend to invest a lot of time watching cartoons and using cell phones. The use of gadgets at a small age can be dangerous. It not only harms your child’s eyes and skin but also causes mental problems. Try providing them with natural substitutes that would rather boost their skills and keep them away from the screen.
Handling a toddler can be stressful if you are a working parent. Keeping an eye on them is crucial to make sure nothing goes wrong.
We have come up with ideas that can not only keep your child engaged but also learn new skills. Even you can save time by keeping them busy if you are a working woman.

No, I’m not a mother yet, but I’ve seen grown-ups in my family perform some tasks that are helpful both ways.

If you are stressed out and worried about managing your child’s day to day activities especially when stuck at home, you may try out the followings:

1. Play dress-up:

One of the most popular things you can try is a home version of “Go As You Like’’. Sounds funny? But you can try this with your kid. Ask them to dress as they want. Even they could use some of your cosmetics. Come on, if you want to enjoy the time, you need to sacrifice that much. You can join them too. Help them design costumes for both of you.
Halloween parties are cool. Other than buying a Halloween costume, help them design one. It will be fun.

2. Singing and dancing:

If your child has a good voice or can dance well, arrange singing and dancing parties for both of you. If you have a karaoke machine at home then good, if not, you try karaoke on different music systems. Your kid will eventually grow interested and make a habit of music sessions.

3. Help with cooking:

Are you having a kid of 10 years or more age? Then you can have their helping hand in the kitchen. I’ve seen many kids who share interests in cooking. If your child is one of them, helping you in cooking and seeing you inventing recipes every day, will automatically skill them up. Who knows, your child might grow up to be one of the best chefs.

4. Read books:

Some kids love to read books from childhood. May it be bedtime stories, comics, or short stories. Reading academic books is okay but your child might need some extra knowledge. If he/she is a book lover, try buying books for gifts. But make sure they are note-books. Books are a wonderful way of knowing new things and characters, there’s no such substitute for books.

5. Indoor picnics:

Arrange indoor picnics or outdoor ones (only if you have a backyard). Pick a Sunday and arrange the things needed in handy. Plan everything beforehand, to avoid rushing at the last hour. Select the games that you’re gonna play, the dishes that are going to be cooked. If it’s a sunny Sunday arrange mats as you can lay down for some time. Take advice from your child too, as they may have something in mind.

6. Science experiment:

If your child is a science freak then nothing could be as good as this one. Try arranging home science experiments with potato, eggs, spare wires, batteries, toy motors, etc. This could help your kid boost up scientific knowledge and promote a deep understanding of their nature. Some tech kids are taking their indoor experiments to the next level. They upload new videos on youtube of the attempts they make.

7. Painting and Crafting:

This is a wonderful way of keeping kids busy. They love to make new paintings and being crafty keeps them occupied. As discussed before, kids love to discover unique things, they love to be with colors because they can paint anything they want. There are no rules for painting, at least not for young minds like yours.

8. Gardening:

If you love gardening and being with nature, then you can ask your baby to follow you. Seeing you doing nature things will spark up ideas and interests in them. Gardening is a great leisure activity. People need to plan trees on weekends in their free time. If you have a balcony with hanging tree-tops then you might consider taking help from your kid. This would not only nurture new skills in them but also help you find peace at home.

9. Cleaning up rooms:

Ask them to help you in cleaning your home. This is a simple task but excites children very much. Hand-over them a broom of their size and ask them to clean corners for you. You can even take their help in decorating homes and interior design. Children could come up with ways we never could think of. Take their help. Keep them engaged in doing productive works like this.

10. Solve puzzles:

Solving puzzles of pictures or calculations improve I.Q. It is a great way of setting a task and saving time for other chores especially if you are a mom. When they could solve easy puzzles, buy them tougher ones, and set time to finish solving them.

11. Nature collections:

Collecting different leaves, rocks, fossils, and coins is one of the most enjoyable tasks for children. Schools provide many science projects in collecting different natural things.
Once I had a project work in a school where I had to collect lobed-shaped leaves. It was quite fascinating to keep on searching the parks and gardens for a particular shape of a leaf. But the experience was worth it. Visit parks and gardens with your kid and set tasks for him to complete. It would do a lot of good in the long run. Give it a try.

It’s okay to have kids and still be a working mom. Mom’s are fighters.
They know what’s best for their child.
You can follow our suggestions or practice something that works best for your child.
But do comment whether our suggested options helped you or not.

Leave us feedback!

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How To Keep Your Child Busy? 11 Proven Ideas Moms Can Try