15 Qualities of a Good Friend

8. They nurture and care for you:

Your friend will make sure that you have had enough to eat, and at the right intervals of time, whether you have had enough sleep, or gone through your daily exercise routine. They are nurturing and caring to the point that it may sometimes seem that they are your parents or caretakers. A good friend is this all-in-one version of a parent, nurturer, doctor, confidante – what not!

9. They listen to you when you have something to say:

They will listen to you – they will lend a helping ear to all of your pains and try to bring some kind of feasible solution to the table till you are satisfied. A good friend is a good listener first, always remember for they might need you to listen to them at times as well.

10. They help you whenever you need:

A true friend will lend a helping hand whenever they can. Remember, they always got your back and will carry your load for you whenever you need it. They are reliable project partners, cheerleaders and the best wingman ever!

11. They are respectful of you:

A good friend will always respect you and your boundaries. They will never be those forceful intruders who do not care about boundaries. They recognize that you are a human with feelings as well and empathize.

12. Their heart is open for you:

A true friend is not afraid of giving or receiving energy from you. They have their heart open to accept the love you have for them. The same goes the other way around. They might not explicitly say it all the time, but you know they love you.

13. You have the freedom to be yourself around them:

You are free to be yourself when you are in the company of your good friend. You don’t have to pretend to be a different person from who you are when in their company, for you know they won’t judge you in any way whatsoever.

14. You can be silent together:

While it feels good to have intellectual and stimulating conversations, it is important to spend moments of silence together as well. Being in each other’s company, being silent together indeed gives a sense of togetherness.

15. They are genuinely happy for you when you are successful:

A fake friendship is one in which the person will be your well-wisher only as long it is advantageous to them, or you do not compete with them in similar fields of interest. If you come in their way, or if you achieve enviable feats, these fake friends will make no attempts to hide their feelings of envy. They will even make attempts to distract you so that you lose focus from your goal. Real friends, on the other hand, will be your source of motivation and encourage you to pursue your passion and interest.

A good friend is indeed your biggest pillar of strength and will make sure that you remain strong and inspired at all times. They will be your source of guidance, will motivate and encourage you constantly to achieve bigger things in life and take giant strides towards success. A good friend is someone we all need in life.


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15 Qualities of a Good Friend
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Written by Sukanya Majumdar

Hey there! I'm someone you can have long walks and conversations with. Not a religious person, but deeply spiritual, an artist, an author and a mystic. Cats over dogs any day. Movie genres: thriller/horror, music: grunge/rock. Strong believer of: "Love yourself, and the world will love you."

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