5 Ways You Can Rebuild Trust In Relationship

5 Ways You Can Rebuild Trust In Relationship

Trust in each other is an integral aspect when it comes to building and maintaining a relationship with someone. Trust is the rock, the foundation on which the relationship is built, and it is quite an obvious fact that mutual trust in each other would not develop instantly in the relationship. It takes a lot of time to build trust among two people in a relationship, and even more, time to rebuild trust in the relationship.

Once the trust in a relationship is broken due to any kind of lies, deceit, infidelity, or any action on the part of one partner that breaks the other’s confidence in them, it is quite difficult to rebuild that trust and go back to the same state, although it is not an impossible thing to do. Rebuilding trust is hard and can take quite some time and patience and an attitude of adjustment on both partner’s ends.

What are the main reasons that break trust in a relationship?

The reasons commonly include:

  • Infidelity: Cheating on one’s partner or spouse is a deal-breaker when it comes to most couples.
  • Broken promises: When one partner goes back on their word and breaks something that they had promised earlier, for example, marriage- something crucial for the proper culmination of the relationship at one point in time.
  • Absence: When one partner needs the other, and they are not there for them in their times of need.
  • Secretive tendencies: If either or both the partners give each other the feeling that they are keeping some information from each other, or clearly lying about something.
  • Manipulation: When either or both of the partners seem to be manipulating each other for some unsaid reason.

All the aforementioned causes are enough for anyone to never trust their partner/spouse in the relationship again. However, simply having trust issues among both partners does not mean that there is no hope, or that the relationship has to end. Couples can work out their differences and their issues with mutual trust (sometimes professional help is needed) before they can learn to trust each other again. Trusting each other is not easy if you have trusted and been betrayed, lied to, or manipulated earlier – do not forget to keep in mind all the circumstances, and then decide to proceed accordingly.

What does trust really mean in a relationship? What are the signs that two partners trust each other in the relationship? If trust has been broken, why so, and what can you do to regain trust in each other in your relationship? Ask yourself these vital questions, and introspect.

If you do decide to work on your relationship, and sort things out mutually, below mentioned are ways you can rebuild trust in your relationship:

1. Apologies for the mistakes you have made:

If you, in any way, have damaged the faith your partner has in you, it is up to you to make amends for your mistake. Plan a way in which you can apologize sincerely without sounding superficial or fake. Think of the reasons why you have made the mistakes in the first place, and try not to repeat them.
A heartfelt apology can work well when it comes to rebuilding trust in a relationship. Gather your thoughts carefully, be specific to show that you are genuinely apologetic for the matter and your actions. Do not act defensive or try to shift the blame on your partner (which is usually what our first instinct says).