How To Remind Yourself Of Your Goals And Achieve Them

How To Remind Yourself Of Your Goals And Achieve Them

You are someone who has certain targets and aims to reach your targets – these can be goals meant to be fulfilled on a day-to-day basis or on a long-term basis. Each and every individual around us has specific goals and wants to fulfill their goals. After all, everybody has goals that they want to achieve, and that too, within a specific duration of time. But, how do you follow up on your goals?

There are people who may have specific goals and make plans for their future but are unable to follow up on them, ultimately failing to reach their goals, time and again. The reason for their failure may be procrastination, forgetfulness, lack of dedication, and several other underlying factors. And there you go.

You might just find yourself to be one of these people, having goals but being unable to achieve them within a fixed time frame. How to be reminded of things and goals on a regular basis? You must be thinking, “How can I always remember my goals?”

Here are 10 ways you can remind yourself of your goals

1. Making a routine/timetable:

When you have specific activities to do during specific periods of time during the day, the best thing you can do is to make a routine/timetable. Keep 2-3 copies of the timetable around, so that you can find it easily, whenever you feel like you need to look it up. In case you forget what you are supposed to do, simply check your routine and get back on track.

2. Keeping a pocket diary:

Maintaining a pocket diary would be helpful too when it comes to planning and reminding yourself about your goals. You can utilize the pocket diary one day at a time,

3. Screensaver:

Having a screensaver on your laptop/PC with an attractive caption that easily captures attention can help remind you of your goals. This can prove to be helpful for you when you are working in front of the screen for long hours.

4. Wallpaper:

Setting up wallpaper on your phone, laptop/PC, tablet, or any other digital device, in order to remind yourself of your goals, is so important because these wallpapers act as a visual reminder of your goals, and when you see them, you immediately know that you have to work on them.

5. Paste sticky notes/reminders on the wall:

Pasting sticky notes as reminders of your pending day-to-day jobs on the wall of the room or the refrigerator is beneficial, again as a visual element that your eyes will not miss easily.

6. Setting the alarm on phone:

No, by the term “setting alarm on phone”, we do not just mean the waking up morning alarm that is usually set by default on your phone. If you have urgent work to do at specific times of the day, you can set the alarm at those times, which will remind you of the impending work that needs to be done.

7. Setting reminders on the calendar:

If you have anything important to do on particular days, you can mark those days on your calendar in red and write down, in brief, the details of your work schedule. This will help you in planning your schedule for a particular day from early on and keep things sorted with ease.

8. Listening to life coaches and motivational speakers:

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms where people can find motivation by watching therapists, life coaches, and motivational speakers who tell you how to remind yourself of your goals and work on them in a more effective manner. Apart from YouTube, there are also podcasts of motivational speakers on Spotify and other platforms which will help you recharge and rejuvenate yourself.

9. Telling friends about your plans/goals & making your friends remind you:

Sharing is caring, and it certainly helps when you have a few loyal friends who are willing to help you out in a time of need. Let your friends know about your plans, what you intend to do, and tell them to remind you to execute those plans in time.

10. Self-motivation:

How to motivate yourself to achieve your goals? The best way would be the way of self-motivation. When you are ambitious, driven to achieve your goals, you will achieve them, sooner or later because you are determined that you will achieve them and are working on them constantly. Give pep talks to yourself, keep yourself energized, relax and meditate from time to time in order to avoid burnout.

When you have goals, it is important that you work towards achieving them in order to succeed in life. While you work for your goals, you can use several tools and techniques in order to make progress faster. This article underlines a few such tools and techniques and will help you reach the targets that you have set for yourself, sooner.

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How To Remind Yourself Of Your Goals And Achieve Them